Father’s Day Gifts Dads Really Want

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Father’s Day Gifts Dads Really Want

Celebrating dad with homemade cards, early breakfast at home that may or may not include pieces of egg shell because little sister was excited to help make scrambled eggs, and every other sweet handmade piece of Father’s Day are the memories we cherish as parents. Mother’s Day is almost here but I’m already thinking about Father’s Day and what we can do differently this year to stand out amongst my husband’s last nine years as a dad. Father’s Day gifts dads really want are all the things my husband really will appreciate but would never tell us are on his gift wish list. 

Gift the Father's Day gift dads really want like time together and all those items they wouldn't normally purchase for themselves.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Dads Really Want

Give dad the gift he really wants!


We have a busy schedule and often don’t have many free weekends. Instead of sharing plans for a family day to catch up on laundry, take advantage of your time together and surprise dad with a weekend getaway. I’m not talking Hawaii, although that would be amazing, but I know my husband would love a weekend in Carlsbad and a day visit to a favorite theme park. Although it won’t be as awesome as that time he won the Disneyland Diamond Days Sweepstakes, a surprise road trip would be the ultimate Father’s Day gift he really wants. 

Gift the Father's Day gift dads really want like a weekend getaway for the entire family to enjoy together.

Tickets to a Sporting Event

My husband loves hockey and baseball. There are definitely those games he would want to see live without negotiating for little sister to sit still in her stadium seat, but there’s so much joy in watching those moments spent with his girls. Every dad is unique, gift him with game tickets to an event he will appreciate experiencing with his children.

Gift the Father's Day gift dads really want like tickets to a sporting event for the entire family to enjoy together.

Family Night In

We have a short list of movies my husband is always crossing his fingers our girls will select for family movie nights. The best kind of Father’s Day gifts are the ones you know dads will genuinely appreciate. Pick dad’s favorite family movie, add some popcorn and snacks, and snuggle up for a family movie night.

Gift the Father's Day gift dads really want like a family night in watching their choice movie!

Daddy’s Spa Day Kit

A spa day kit for Father’s Day is the perfect way to spoil dad while giving him a few personal items he already has on his shopping list. Make it fun and add labels to remind him why these personal items are important for dad like with cologne “because no princess wants a smelly daddy.”

Gift the Father's Day gift dads really want like personal items they don't normally purchase for themselves.


Speaking of personal items, the last thing my husband ever buys himself is underwear. He  has never told me he needs to restock his drawer but I occasionally do the upgrading on my own. This year we are gifting my husband comfort with Tommy John’s Go Anywhere Boxer Briefs. I’m loving the Tommy John message, “When you’re uncomfortable, we’re all uncomfortable.” Gift the gift of comfort with Tommy John. 

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate fatherhood, make sure you do it with a Father’s Day gift dads really want. 

Do your children look forward to doing something special for their dad on Father’s Day too?

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Father's Day Gifts dads really want include experiences the entire family can enjoy together and personal items they wouldn't purchase themselves like Tommy John briefs for ultimate comfort.

17 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts Dads Really Want”

  1. My husband is definitely into all sorts of tools and all sorts of travel! I know my kiddo would love to surprise him for Father’s Day with any one of these suggestions!

  2. Tickets to a sporting event would be right up my husband’s alley. If my kids ask what to give him, I’m going with that. All of these ideas are awesome!

  3. I have the hardest job because my husband always tells me he lkes what he has. He just bought socks and shirts so I will have to try something else, thanks for some great ideas.

  4. Getting them tickets to an event they like will definitely make their day. I think these suggestions are pretty accurate. It’s good to treat them to a lovely day off.

  5. I’m so behind. I haven’t even thought of Father’s Day yet. I need to get on the ball. These are some great gift ideas!

  6. I definitely agree with you. Dad’s never tell us what they want to have for father’s day. Me, I would like to spend some time for us to travel as my gift to Daddy.

  7. Great ideas, my husband would love to go to a sporting event or on a family adventure for Father’s Day. He has everything he needs already so this is much better than another random mug saying #1 Dad.

  8. You’ve got some great ideas here! My husband wouldn’t be thrilled with a Disney trip though, lol. We (my kids and i) love it but he doesn’t as much.


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