FROZEN breakfast – Olaf donuts and snowflake pancakes

We celebrated my daughter’s birthday with a family day full of FROZEN activities. Her special day began with a breakfast surprise. Olaf donuts and snowflake pancakes were a perfect way to start our FROZEN day!

FROZEN breakfast - Olaf donuts and snowflake pancakes

I made round pancakes and then used a cookie cutter to turn them into snowflakes. The donuts were just as quick and easy.

Olaf donut ingredients:

  • mini powder donuts
  • peach rings
  • eye candy decorations (found in the baking section)
  • black sparkle gel
  • white chocolate bar

1) Cut a small piece of a peach ring and place it in the middle of the donut for a carrot nose.

2) Cut a rectangle piece of chocolate and carve a line down the center (on back of chocolate piece). Place directly below the peach ring nose for teeth. 

3) Use a small amount of gel to hold the eyes in place on the donut.

4) Draw a smile and silly hair with the sparkle gel.

FROZEN breakfast - Olaf donuts

Enjoy your Olaf donuts and snowflake pancakes together for a FROZEN breakfast!

FROZEN Olaf donuts

When will you surprise your family with fun FROZEN Olaf donuts and snowflake pancakes?

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