Creepy Crawly Party Wreath

My daughter’s Creepy Crawly Birthday party was full of DIY decorations. With her birthday being in December I was able to purchase all the plastic bugs during after Halloween and Black Friday sales. Our entire home was filled with creepy crawlies and fit perfectly with the party theme! Guests were greeted by a big wreath covered in snakes and bugs on our front door. 

Creepy Crawly Party Wreath Tutorial

The creepy crawly party wreath was inexpensive and incredibly easy to make.


  • grape wreath (purchased from craft store)
  • glue dots or glue gun
  • spray paint
  • plastic creepy crawlies

If the decoration is for a birthday party, cut a number from cardboard to add to the wreath.

Creepy Crawly Party Wreath

Begin by spray painting the wreath and cardboard number.

Spray Paint Wreath

Allow the wreath to completely dry and then glue on the plastic creepy crawlies. The glue dots worked well but I would suggest using a hot glue gun for any large or heavy accessories. Hang the wreath on your front door to surprise all the guests.

Creepy Crawly Party Wreath on door

Will the creepy crawly party wreath be making an appearance at your next party?

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