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My daughter asks me questions all day long. Sometimes it’s about the weather, or animals, or street signs. Sometimes it’s about why flowers smell good or how many different types of birds live in Arizona. Sometimes it’s about silly things she overheard my husband and I say. We have always told her asking questions is how we learn. She has never been shy with her curiosity and we don’t discourage her hundreds of daily questions. Recently we’ve been turning daily questions into a fun family game. The Scholastic KidQ app is free and has generated plenty of interesting conversations in our home. The daily question ranges in topics from geography to animal science. The question app has been the perfect way to turn the questions around and get my daughter thinking about answers instead of simply expecting my husband and I to know everything. Sometimes we know the answers and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we guess and other times we jump right to the answer for a surprise. 


Each question has a screen followed by an answer and fun facts. My five year old daughter soaks up everything she hears and has enjoyed repeating the fun facts to family and friends. Her memory amazes me and I love having the opportunity to step outside of our own comfort zone to teach her new facts. We are learning right along with her.


The free app is easy to download through the Apple App store and the Android App through Google play. Warning, you might get addicted! My daughter has asked for no less than five new questions each time we’ve opened the fun KidQ app. Facilitating new conversation is easy when you’re learning together. The app even lets you share your favorite questions to Facebook and Twitter to start fun conversations online.


How many questions do your children ask you each day?

Download the free Scholastic KidQ app today and learn more about Scholastic by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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