Surviving cold and cough season: Dr. Cocoa’s chocolate flavored medicine for kids

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As cold and cough season are approaching, I’m already anticipating how my daughter will spend her sick days. When she’s not feeling well she likes to cuddle up on the couch with her favorite lovey and watch favorite movies or educational programs about animals. She doesn’t complain too much until it’s time to take the medicine. From my experience most children’s medicine doesn’t taste very yummy. We have tried a variety of solutions to make it better for my daughter but with no luck we usually have a struggle getting her to willingly take cough and cold medicine. Until we learned about Dr. Cocoa for children, chocolate flavored medicine. Even when she’s not feeling well, my daughter doesn’t turn down chocolate. The yummy flavored medicine will help us get through sick days during cough and cold season.


As parents we all know the struggle. Your child wakes up not feeling well and wants nothing more than a soft blanket and their favorite lovey. My daughter always turns to her pink blanket and Kika, the cheetah she has been attached to for several years.


They get nice and cozy on the couch. Maybe this sick day won’t be so bad afterall. Then it’s time to take the yucky medicine. From the time my daughter was an infant she would squirm and cry at the site of a medicine syringe. She offers up every excuse imaginable to avoid taking cough and cold medicine. It usually ends in tears and definitely not with a happy child.


What can we do to make it a better experience? Dr. Cocoa for children has products made with real cocoa and effective ingredients for a soothing taste children will like. The struggle is over, sick days can be pleasant when you take the yucky medicine out. 


All Dr. Cocoa products are dye-free, gluten-free and alcohol-free. They are made with 10% real cocoa and are the first pediatric cough and cold medicines of its type.  In addition to using good tasting medicine, there are other things we as parents can do to make sick days easier on our children. Taking medicine usually is not a fun experience but here are some easy ways to help the medicine go down:

For help with pills:

Smother the pill with whipped cream. The sweet sensation is a distraction and helps your child swallow the entire pill.

For fever reducers & prescriptions:

Transform the texture. Try mixing the medicine with a liquid like juice or water to make it taste better.

For coughs & colds:

Find a medicine your child will tolerate, or prefer, and stick with it. Dr. Cocoa’s cough and cold relief is a great option!

Download your free sick day survival guide for everything you need to keep your kids comfortable during those dreaded sick days.

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Do you do anything special to make sick days fun for your children?

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