Money Tree Plant Housewarming Gift

Many years ago we were given a money tree plant as a housewarming gift. The unique gift was our first house plant together and a beautiful symbol of the many years of happiness we would share in our new home. This week we attended a housewarming party for friends and instead of bringing the usual bottle of wine, we gave them a money tree plant. The pachira aquatica has a history of bringing health, wealth and happiness and makes an excellent housewarming gift. The money tree plant housewarming gift is a great way to celebrate with friends and family.

Money Tree Plan Housewarming Gift

The history of the Pachira aquatica, known to many as the money tree plant, is very interesting. The nickname originated in a Chinese tale of a man praying for money. The man then stumbled upon the plant and assumed it to be a godly gift. He took the plant home and soon became wealthy after cultivating his gift. Additionally, many who believe in the power of feng shui believe the tree can attract wealth and prosperity.

Money tree plant

Money tree plant care tips

  • Plant in small container to avoid soggy soil. 
  • Allow water to dry between waterings. Avoid getting water on the trunk.
  • Keep in room temperature.

See more money tree plant care tips at Guide to Houseplants.

Print the free 5×7 inch housewarming gift card to pair with the money tree plant for a nice new home gift.

Money tree plant housewarming gift card

Has a money tree plant brought you good luck in your home?

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