Photography for Kids | Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

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Photography for Kids | Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Our home has been filled with even more love by a new addition to our family last week, a sweet adopted kitten for little sister. It took awhile to find the right kitten and when she met this little guy, she knew he was the one for her. Fred, previously named Nolan by his foster family, has already adjusted and seeks out little sister everyday for more snuggles than we ever thought possible. They are the perfect pair and have the most fun playing together. Their favorite activities together are reading books, playing school, snuggles at bedtime and taking selfies together with little sister’s Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet.

Last year little sister received the tablet just before Christmas so we had holiday traditions tech edition in our home for the entire holiday season. In a survey administered by Amazon FreeTime, almost all parents of children age 3-10 surveyed reported they want their children to use smartphones or tablets for educational purposes. However, most parents also reported they don’t want to hover over their children when they’re using devices and two thirds of parents want their kids to have the freedom to explore when using their tablet or smartphone. Little sister is only three years old but feels quite confident navigating on a tablet and this was terrifying to me knowing the potentials of what she could stumble upon online if left unattended until we received the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet. The Parent Dashboard settings in FreeTime allow parents to set time limits, adjust age filters, enable/disable web browser access, and choose whether to allow in-app purchasing. This empowers children to explore on their own and parents to feel secure knowing they can fully control what their child is able to access through the tablet.

Little sister has been practicing photography for kids with the tablet and takes her favorite printed photo with her to preschool everyday.

At home she’s been navigating her way through photographing her new kitten. Watching this process has been fascinating because although there certainly is a learning curve for a three year old, she’s figuring out tips and tricks on her own and actually taking great photos. Occasionally Fred the kitten is in the frame and sometimes he has decided he would rather not patiently wait for little sister to get her tablet camera ready.

Sometimes I get to help as a photography assistant and put Fred back into the photo.

Each morning before preschool little sister and Fred enjoy screen time together and I’m most happy watching when they are playing Hello Kitty Educational Games for Kids, a FreeTime Unlimited Edition available with your subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. A one year subscription is included at no additional fee with the purchase of your Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet and provides access to over 20,000 books, videos, audible books, apps, games and more included with your tablet purchase.

Also included with your purchase is the worry-free guarantee which means if they break the tablet, simply return it and Amazon will send a replacement for free, no questions asked. My sister-in-law has first hand experience using the return policy for my nephew and it certainly makes me feel more confident to give little sister her space when exploring photography for kids. The Fire Kids Edition Tablets are the #1 kids’ tablets in the U.S. and an incredible learning tool for children. For now, she thinks she’s just taking fabulous photos of her new kitten but we all recognize just how much she is benefitting my exploring and growing this new skill.

What’s your favorite way to let your children safely learn independently?

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See how easy it is to allow your children to safetly independently explore photography for kids with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet.


19 thoughts on “Photography for Kids | Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet”

  1. My four year old absolutely loves to take pictures. He usually uses his tablet to take them but I think I may need to get him something better one day if he really shows an interest in it.

  2. That is a very smart way of using the tablet and encouraging your daughter to do creative things with it rather than play. Fred is adorable, I got a kitten last year as well and he became the king of the house quickly.

  3. What a great way to utilize the tablet and the kids not only be playing games and watching videos. I love that she is learning an art form. My son just got this one for Christmas this year and this gave me some great ideas.

  4. our 5 year old loves taking pictures. she is constantly taking our phones and taking random pictures, or even posing us for pictures. My husband is a hobby photographer, so he loves being able to share it with her.

  5. my daughter loves taking pictures too! I think it’s a great and creative path to take. I love that Kindles have parental controls (very important).
    Now I want a kitten!

  6. This is so cool. When I was a little girl I got a camera. And I took pictures, and pictures and more pictures. And I ended being a journalist. Lovely post and beautiful child!

  7. It’s so great to get kids interested in a hobby! If they’re going to use technology and have screen time in their lives anyway, they might as well be doing something fulfilling and productive!


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