Easy Space Cake

Whether it’s for a space themed party, a galaxy playdate, or a celebration in anticipation of the new Ratchet & Clank movie release, this easy space cake will be an exciting dessert for your guests. The best news is you just need a box cake mix and food coloring to make the treat that perfectly resembles a planet covered in craters.

Easy Space Cake recipe

Today I shared how to host a summer movie party on Arizona Midday. With the release of Ratchet & Clank in theaters tomorrow it was a great opportunity to share a space themed party plan. The easy space cake was the featured dessert and a perfect addition to the party snacks: star crunches and cheese balls.

Arizona Midday Ratchet and Clank movie party

Easy Space Cake Tutorial


  • white or vanilla box cake mix (all ingredients according to package instructions – water, oil, eggs)
  • black food coloring

Easy Space Cake

1) Prepare cake mix according to package instructions.

2) Add black food coloring and mix. Continue adding color until cake mix achieves your desired color.

3) Spray circular cake pan with non stick cooking spray.

4) Bake as directed and allow to cool.

5) Remove cake from pan. Use butter knife to cut out shallow pieces of cake from surface and sides until you have a full crater effect covering the space cake.

Easy Space Cake Directions

Put on your favorite astronaut costume and enjoy your easy space cake!

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