The Jungle Book Red Flower Snack

Loving The Jungle Book as a child, I was ecstatic when the movie was remade and finally in theaters this month. The story of Mowgli, the “man-cub” growing up in the jungle as being raised by wolves does so much more than make you relive your childhood favorite. The original animated and the new live-action film have their similar storylines and characters but offer a much difference cinematic experience. You’ll fall in love with Neel Sethi, the boy actor that transforms Mowgli from animated to real, and his amazing performance all filmed without the animals. The animal characters are everything you would imagine in a group of talking jungle predators. Take a ride through many emotions as you watch the jungle explain the fear of the red flower to Mowgli. It’s not until he chooses to experience the red flower for himself that you see this epic story turn from a boy on his journey home to finding his true family deep within the jungle. The Jungle Book red flower snack is a fun way to prepare to see the film or continue talking about fire safety after your children have seen the new live-action movie.

The Jungle Book Red Flower Snack

I chose not to bring my seven year old daughter to the media screening of The Jungle Book because there were a few scenes that might have frightened her. My husband and I enjoyed the film before it was in theaters instead. I’d love to see it again while it’s playing in theaters but will likely save my daughter’s first experience for the film at home.  For now, we’ll stick to the animated classic and books to continue the excitement before we introduce her to the live-action experience. 


We’ll also have some fun in the kitchen discussing the story with The Jungle Book red flower snack! 

The Jungle Book Red Flower Snack


The Jungle Book Red Flower Snack ingredients

This snack is perfect for little hands to make. Start by building a ring to contain the red flower. My daughter enjoyed building her ring by carefully stacking the Chex™ cereal.

The Jungle Book Red Fire Snack first step

Next break up the pretzels to be the sticks under the red flower.

The Jungle Book Red Flower snack broken pretzels

Place the “sticks” in the middle of the Chex™ cereal ring.

The Jungle Book Red Flower Snack Tutorial step 2

Pull apart the licorice to create layers of fire. Continuing stacking the licorice until your red fire fills the ring.

While your child is enjoying the red flower snack, talk about the importance of containing fires in the wilderness. 

The Jungle Book Red Fire Snack Tutorial step 3

The Jungle Book is currently playing in theaters!

Are you making any fun themed snacks to celebrate The Jungle Book with your children?

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