DIY Galaxy Shirt Tutorial

I recently shared how to host a summer movie party on Arizona Midday. We were celebrating Ratchet & Clank in theaters so our party had a space theme. The night before the segment was filmed live I made a DIY galaxy shirt. It took less than an hour to complete and I only used supplies I already had at home. The shirt turned out great and I wore it the next morning to the show. Because I made the shirt close to midnight the evening before, I shared the entire tutorial live on Snapchat. This DIY Galaxy Shirt tutorial post shares all my photos while I was snapping away that night.  

DIY Galaxy Shirt tutorial

The DIY galaxy shirt was perfect for a space themed party!

DIY Galaxy Shirt tutorial Instragram

DIY Galaxy Shirt Tutorial


  • black t-shirt
  • bleach
  • spray bottle
  • water
  • fabric paint (blue, purple, green, white – preferrably in small spray bottles)
  • thin paint brush

Unsure of how my project would turn out, I started the Snapchat tutorial with a “I know I’m crazy for leaving this to the last minute” video.

Lay your shirt on a flat surface. I put mine over a plastic tablecloth on the floor because I assumed this project would be messy. Fill half your spray bottle with bleach then fill completely with water.

1) Spray the diluted bleach solution on the shirt. There really is no wrong way to do this. Leave some areas without bleach and do not fully saturate any part of your shirt. Make sure you move your shirt as you are spraying so you also get bleach on the collar, sleeves, sides, and back. Leave shirt to set for about half an hour. Rinse with cold water and hang to dry (or if you are rushing through this project like me, toss your shirt in the dryer).

2) Spray shirt with purple fabric paint. This step requires more intentional placement of color. I had no pattern in mind and sprayed several different areas purple.

DIY Galaxy Shirt tutorial step 1

3) Use a sponge to add diluted blue fabric paint to the shirt. Don’t be afraid of color on the shirt but also do not cover your entire shirt in blue.

4) Sponge on diluted purple paint around the blue areas.

DIY Galaxy Shirt tutorial step 2

5) Spray green fabric paint to tone down any areas with a lot of purple and blue. 

6) Add stars by dipping a thin paint brush in white fabric paint and flicking onto the shirt. This is the most messy step of the project so be careful not to cover any furniture in white stars too.

DIY Galaxy Shirt tutorial step 3

Allow your shirt to dry, wait 24 hours and wash, then show off your mad DIY Galaxy Shirt skills. Or let it dry and wear it immediately to film a live TV segment about a space themed party like me. 

DIY Galaxy Shirt tutorial fabric paint

My DIY Galaxy Shirt made it to TV the next day and you’ll probably see me wearing my new favorite t-shirt frequently.

DIY Galaxy Shirt tutorial on Arizona Midday

Where will you wear your DIY Galaxy Shirt?

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