Senior Cat Care Tips

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Senior Cat Care Tips

Asking my daughters to go grocery shopping or running errands with me usually results in an annoyed, “do we have to?” response. But tell them I’m going out for pet food at PetSmart and they are in the car before I even have the car keys and reusable shopping bags in my hands to get out the door. This week I brought along little sister to PetSmart to pick up Purina® Pro Plan® PRIME PLUS™ Chicken & Rice Formula Adult 7+ Dry Cat Food for our older cat, Delilah. She loves visiting the pet product store and we usually end up spending hours there strolling the aisles, naming all the fish, looking at adoptable pets, observing puppy behavior classes and shopping for our dog, two cats, hedgehog and turtle. We ended up bringing home a new cat bed, her favorite Purina® Pro Plan® and a new toy. To little sister’s dismay, we did not end up with another cat. She knows when we go to PetSmart there is generally zero likelihood of bringing home an adoptable pet with us but that doesn’t stop her from giving me a very convincing argument as to why Delilah needs another cat friend. It’s a very cute idea coming from a three year old and doesn’t quite grasp the concept of Delilah needing her privacy as an aging cat. Delilah has no interest in adding a “friend” to our crew and my senior cat care tips are a few of the ways we’ve adjusted to Delilah’s sassy senior cat attitude. Click on the image below to learn more about how to purchase Delilah’s favorite dry food.

My daughters love all their pets but it’s comical to see how much my youngest adores our 12 year old cat, Delilah. She actually has a little locket she wears with a photo of our family on one side of the heart locket and an picture of Delilah on the other. She knows Delilah is inconsistent and usually not tolerant to all the silly games little sister tries to play with her but still identifies that cat as her favorite. 

Wear a locket with your favorite pet and a family photo.

During our PetSmart shopping visit last week we picked up Purina® Pro Plan® PRIME PLUS™ because it has a proprietary blend proven to improve and extend the life of cats age 7 and older. These findings are backed by a 9 year study and based on cats exclusively fed a complete diet with the proprietary blend vs. cats fed the complete and balanced diet alone. Purina® has 500+ scientists globally and has 70+ formulas delivered to advance nutrition with outstanding taste.

Shop PetSmart for all your family pet needs.

After we shopped for Delilah we checked on the cats up for adoption. These sweet cats are in need of rehoming and little sister is sure they all should come home with us. For now, we’re focusing all our cat loving attention on Delilah who is proving to need more and more care as she gets older.

The adoptable cats at PetSmart are in a need of rehoming with a low fee.

I brought Delilah home from a cardboard box she was left in at my work deli over 12 years ago. She was the tiniest and most cute little kitten ever. She used a frisbee for a little box because her little half pound body couldn’t climb over the edge of anything. She’s always been a sassy cat and our girls know not to pet her unless she approaches them. As she continues to age we are simply keeping her comfortable and making sure she has access to the best nutrition for her age. She only eats half a can of wet food daily and always has access to Purina® Pro Plan® dry food. The PRIME PLUS™ dry food is available in the Chicken & Rice Formula and the Salmon & Rice Formula varieties.

Purina® Pro Plan® PRIME PLUS™ is a great option for cats over seven years old.

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Senior Cat Care Tips

With children and multiple other pets in our home it’s important that we recognize what our senior cat Delilah needs to be calm and comfortable.

Mealtime Privacy

Our other cat, Toby, is always interested in what Delilah is doing. Mealtime privacy is ideal for Delilah so she isn’t stressed by Toby lingering around waiting to help himself to her dish when she’s done eating. In the morning when I give the cats their wet food, I usually wait to watch them eat to make sure Toby is not bothering Delilah as she is a much slower eater than him.

Often times multiple cats should have their own meal time areas so they are comfortable while eating.


We’re fairly certain Delilah is losing her eyesight and because of that, it’s important for her food dishes, favorite toys and sleep items are in the same place everyday. 

Proper Nutrition

Kittens and younger cats need a very different diet than senior cats. Make sure you are reading packaging labels to purchase the most appropriate Purina® Pro Plan® blends for your family pets.

Give your senior cat proper nutrition and mealtime privacy.

Do you have a senior cat in your home too? Learn more about Purina® Pro Plan® PRIME PLUS™ and be sure to save your next purchase with this gift card offer so you can follow senior cat care tips to make your cat most comfortable.

Our senior cat care tips include mealtime privacy, consistency and proper nutritions for an aging family pet and making sure they are most comfortable. 

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  1. I used to think the same way about our senior cat, Maki, her needing privacy as a senior cat. However, at age 14, she was really slowing down, and we thought the end was imminent. At my hubby’s insistence, we adopted two kittens. Maki fell in LOVE with the two new additions, becoming a mama all over again. They kept her young, engaged and on her toes for another four years before her passing. Please reconsider the social needs of an elderly cat. A kitten addition can make a huge positive difference in their lives.


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