Traveling with baby: how to bath a baby in a room without a tub

Traveling with a baby requires some serious packing skills. In addition to all the essentials necessary to travel with a baby, you also need to plan for all the challenges, like not having a bathtub in your hotel room. Years ago we traveled to Hawaii when our oldest daughter was just six months old. I quickly learned how a room with only a shower was not ideal for bathing a baby. Our next week away from home I packed a deflatable Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub (affiliate link). It was easy to pack, inexpensive ($12!) and perfect for baby in a room without a bathtub.


Our new baby was just about three months old when we brought her along on our family summer vacation to California. Our timeshare at the Carlsbad Inn, our favorite California beach resort, has a very nice shower but no bathtub. Our six year old daughter is old enough to use the shower but we needed a solution for the baby. I remembered the convenience of having the duck tub years ago and since I received a new one at my baby shower, packed it along for vacation. We also brought the newborn insert from our home baby tub because our baby isn’t sitting up on her own yet.


It takes just a few minutes to blow up the tub. The newborn insert fit in the duck perfectly.


I placed the tub in the bottom of the shower and filled it with warm water.


My daughter loved it!


my baby (three months old) in the duck bath while on vacation, 2015

I plan to leave the tub blown up while we are in the same room then let it air dry before deflating it to pack and bring home. I’m sure just like with our other daughter, we will continue to use the duck tub while traveling and occasionally at home. As my older daughter grew into a toddler she loved taking baths at home in the duck tub. Although you can’t really tell them apart, I found this older photo of my daughter at eight months in the duck bath at home. We had visitors and it was a perfect way to bath two babies in the bath together while giving them their own space to play.


 my older daughter (eight months old) playing in the duck bath at home, 2009

If you’re currently on vacation with a baby and struggling in a room without a tub, run to the nearest Target and purchase the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub (affiliate link).

What other challenges have you faced while traveling with an infant?

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