Teacher Appreciation Redbox Printable Card Gift

It’s teacher appreciation week! That means teachers everywhere should be receiving extra love from their students. However, that also means parents and caretakers are scrambling to find the most creative and best ways to show appreciation to the educators that spend most of the day, every weekday, with their children. Sure, I always have plans to have this week well prepared before it sneaks up on me, but the truth is I never manage to get my daily gifts together until Monday morning of teacher appreciation week. This year was no different. The teacher appreciation Redbox printable card gift was made in just a minute and for less than five dollars Monday morning three minutes before we ran out the door for school drop off. Don’t be like me; plan ahead. But if planning ahead is something you’re planning for next year and this week you just need to get the job done, print this card and whip up the cutest teacher appreciation gift in just a few minutes. And really, all teachers surely love microwave popcorn, Pop Rocks and a Redbox movie rental code – right?

teacher appreciation redbox card and gift

Teacher Appreciation Redbox Printable Card Gift tutorial


teacher appreciation redbox card supplies

Purchase the Redbox code online for the quick teacher appreciation gift. You can purchase a virtual gift card or Redbox promo codes. I purchased 5 for $7.50 because we were making a few teacher appreciation gifts. Send the gifts to yourself with your email address so you can use individual codes for each Redbox printable card

Print the Printable Teacher Appreciation Redbox Card on a 4×6 photo card at home. You could also align the print on letter size paper if you don’t have photo cards then simply trim around the edges.

Add the code and your child’s name to the printable card.

teacher appreciation redbox card

Use the hole punch to carefully add a hole to the wrapping of the microwave popcorn and Pop Rocks. Do not puncture the actual wrapping securing the product, just punch in the outer edge. Also punch a hole in the upper corner of the card and tie it all together with twine or ribbon.

teacher appreciation redbox card gift

Send your cute kid to school with the adorable Teacher Appreciation Redbox Printable Card Gift!

All joking aside, please take the time to show your children’s teachers appreciation this week. It’s not an easy role and they make a significant difference everyday committing their time to helping our children grow and learn.

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all teachers!

What creative ideas have you pulled together last minute for teacher appreciation week?

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