Disney FROZEN character experience at Disneyland, meet Anna and Elsa

During our most recent family visit to Disneyland, we met Anna and Elsa at the new character experience. Meeting the beautiful sisters was definitely worth the wait in the attraction line. The Disney FROZEN character experience at Disneyland was my daughter’s most favorite attraction during our park visit.

Disney FROZEN character experience at Disneyland, meet Anna and Elsa

The line was intimidating and the sign suggested the wait was over two hours. With out any protesting, my daughter happily waited in line to meet Anna and Elsa. 

Disney FROZEN at Disneyland

The talking and singing Olaf on top of the house kept all of us entertained while we waited in line.  

Olaf in Disneyland

The inside of the home is filled with treats you’ve seen in the movie. From the wallpaper to the stained glass windows, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into the castle in Arendelle. 

Anna and Elsa's home in Disneyland

The sisters are beautiful and did an excellent job making my daughter feel special. She offered to sing for them and couldn’t have been happier when Elsa told her she loved the song.  

Anna and Elsa in Disneyland

We took a few family photos before ending our magical visit. 

meeting Anna and Elsa in Disneyland

The FROZEN character experience in Disneyland is located in Fantasyland between Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and the Village Haus restaurant. The meet and greet is open daily 10:00 – 4:30 and does not have a Fast Pass ticket option. I suggest arriving early to wait in line before Anna and/or Elsa are present. Both sisters are not guaranteed to be present so set the expectation your child will be meeting either Anna or Elsa. If both happen to be there, the visit will be extra special. Strollers are not allowed in line but parking is just outside the character experience area. Photographers are available to take photos and you are welcome to use your own camera too. 

Have you met Anna and Elsa in Disneyland yet?

2 thoughts on “Disney FROZEN character experience at Disneyland, meet Anna and Elsa”

  1. How fun! With how much my boys LOVE Frozen, we may have to pay these gals a visit while we’re there in April!
    P.S. How awesome is your Disneyland Churro shirt! 😉

  2. Excellent description! Thanks for sharing! I would like to provide an update: There is a Fast Pass line now to meet Elsa and Anna. It was implemented in mid 2014. A line forms when the park opens to get a return time / reservation. It is first come, first serve. The reservation times are booked within the first hour of the park opening. Our party entered Disneyland about 10 minutes after it opened and we went directly to this line. We waited about 45 minutes in line and we did not get a reservation. There was about 50 people in front of us who also were denied a return time.
    I was told that the line forms even before the park opens and a cast member escorts the queue into Fantasyland to form the line to wait for the reservation distribution.
    Meeting Elsa and Anna has become an almost impossible task nowadays.


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