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We have two cats with opposite personalities. I adopted our cat Delilah 10 years ago when I found her in a box at my work office. She weighed less than a pound and was the cutest and most sweet little kitten. Before she was a year old she had positioned herself as boss in the house and was no longer a sweet cuddly kitten. She turned into a sassy cat that wanted nothing to do with snuggles. Years later our daughter adopted Toby, a very large kitten with colors and fur patterns resembling a cow. He is so big but so sweet and waits for her to come home from school everyday to cuddle in her lap. Having two totally different cats means it’s not easy to find anything they both like. My DIY cat lovie and IAMS™ Proactive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care dry food is something they both love! You can make your own DIY cat lovie and surprise your favorite cats with a bowl of yummy food that actually promotes excellent skin and coat health.

DIY cat lovie tutorial

This week I gave our two cats DIY cat lovies and IAMS™ Proactive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care dry food. I finally found something they can both agree on!

cat food and DIY cat toy

DIY Cat Lovie Tutorial 


  • 1/2 Yard Fleece
  • Catnip
  • Scissors

DIY cat lovie supplies

Begin by cutting two 11″ x 11″ pieces of fleece. 

DIY cat lovie first step

Cut 2″ squares from each corner of both pieces of fleece. Then cut strips 2″ deep and 1″ wide.

No sew fleece lovie tip: keep both pieces of fleece together while cutting strips on each side.

DIY cat lovie fleece

Sprinkle catnip between the two pieces of fleece. 

DIY cat lovie catnip

Carefully tie each fleece strip together to secure the two pieces of fleece. 

DIY cat lovie and IAMS cat food

Both cats snuggled with the lovie and enjoyed the bowl of IAMS™ dry cat food.

IAMS indoor and cat lovie

They took turns playing with the lovie and eating from the dry cat food bowl. 

favorite cat food IAMS indoor

Growing up we always had a cat in our home. I know a healthy cat is also a visibly happy cat so it’s important to purchase quality food. IAMS™ provides the nutrition our cats need and keeps them happy! The same way eating healthy makes us feel better, our pets feel best when they are eating healthy too. Try an IAMS™ diet and look for the visible difference the quality food can make. Enter the Sweepstakes for a chance to win IAMS™ for a year or Walmart eGift Cards.


I ended up making another DIY cat lovie so they didn’t have to share.   

DIY cat lovies

We purchased the DIY cat lovie supplies and IAMS™ cat food at Walmart.  There are dry food varieties for kittens, mature and even senior cats. With so many different varieties for specific needs, you’ll be able to find the perfect IAMS™ option for your cat too.

IAMS cat food Walmart

Tell us about the cats in your home that could benefit from IAMS™ money back guaranteed dry cat food with beet pulp added to help your cat maintain intestinal health and aid his or her ability to absorb nutrients.

2 thoughts on “DIY Cat Lovie”

  1. Patches’ bowl is raised to minimize his gulping air and barfing. Pizza is old and meows her frequent hunger; Tubby is…emotionally wrought and eats through his probs; Tigger, my special guy, could put on a few lbs; Africa, just beautiful thru and thru; Oscar, he of the poses and eyeliner; Bandit steals hearts with his personality; Serena, aka Oilcan bec. she squeaks when I pick her up; Skippy, formerly Skairdy, not sure about anything; Am I forgetting anyone? there are 9 cats. 9 to feed, give fresh water, let in and out, give flea Rx; change litter. Any food prizes are gratefully accepted, esp. something of quality like Iams! Would improve the quality of life of our household.

  2. PS – I have fleece and dried garden catnip and am definitely going to make these toys. I’ve been putting catnip in old socks, a dreadfully ugly toy. Can’t wait for these to materialize. I may send some to the local shelters, as well. Thx for the great idea.


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