Interactive Digital Play with WowWee CHiP and COJI

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The way our children play is so different than the days we spent playing outside with friends after school. With new technology developing everyday, my daughter has a growing list of gifts on her holiday list. Between the devices we already have at home and the many she would love to add to her collection, it’s not an easy task to differentiate between educational opportunities and those that are taking away from the important interaction outside of devices. Luckily Duracell, Toys “R” Us, and WowWee® are partnering to power imagination and help parents. The robot dog CHiP and coding robot COJI from WowWee are both purchases you won’t regret – the interactive digital play provides excellent learning opportunities. 

Interactive Digital Play CHiP and COJI

We have many pets in our home – a Siberian Husky, two cats, a hedgehog, frog, fish and snail. The dog and one cat came before our daughter was born but every other pet in our home has been a result of her love for animals. She also has a pet goat and pig living at her Grandma and Papa’s house. She loves marine animals, has been involved in many conservation and rescue projects, and has a sweet way with words when convincing us we should get a new pet. Thanks to WowWee, our newest family pet is not one requiring real food and water – but it does require all the love and interaction of a real pet. WowWee CHiP is a pet for the connected family. More than just a virtual pet (which we’ve also had plenty of), CHiP is an actual robotic dog that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to enable his personality. CHiP follows commands and adapts to your preferences. 

WowWee CHiP

CHiP comes with a ball, band and bed. CHiP’s owner wears the band to start building a digital relationship; one where CHiP becomes more than just a robotic dog – he actually responds and engages. The smartband technology enables CHiP to uniquely recognize you, follow you, greet you at the door, and more.

CHiP loves to play with his ball and he’s always up for a fun game of fetch. Charged by Duracell, CHiP has become a family pet in our home without the need for a pet sitter when we travel. 

CHiP powered by Duracell

His bed is a charging station where he automatically makes his way to rest when he needs a charge.  

CHiP bed

No one CHiP is the same as your likes uniquely shape his character.  

WowWee CHiP blue

While CHiP happily snuggles at the right time, there’s also an on and off switch so he can fully power down for bedtime if your child wants to share their bed! 

CHiP sleeping

Our new family pet is loved by all and doesn’t mind extra snuggles from the baby. 

CHiP and baby

COJI the coding robot is our next favorite for digital interactive play. I truly didn’t believe teaching my daughter coding was a possibility at just seven years old. She has had so much fun with COJI and doesn’t even realize she’s learning. COJI’s game play breaks up learning objectives, with levels of challenge so kids can build their confidence and programming skills at their own pace.

Playing COJI

Also powered by Duracell, COJI is easy to use and sure to be a popular robot in your home too. 

COJI powered by Duracell

My daughter has the app on her iPad but I also have it connected to my phone. As a parent, I love that COJI’s curriculum design incorporates ‘Trial and Error’ through play. Kids are encouraged to test and grow their programming skills by using different emoji commands to overcome obstacles and challenges during game play – life skills not many new technologies are teaching our children.

COJI app

Purchase WowWee CHiP, COJI and Duracell batteries at Toys “R” Us. Duracell batteries are the #1 Trusted Brand by parents and power long-lasting imaginative play.

WowWee toys CHiP and COJI Toys R Us

Learn more about WowWee by connecting with Toys “R” Us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Do you have children in your home that would love to power their imagination with CHiP and COJI as much as our family?

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