Our Family Pets, the cat Delilah

In our home we have several family pets including our cat Delilah.  She has a quirky personality and you never quite know what to expect.   

Our Family Pets, the cat Delilah (3)

In 2007 I was working in a office with a deli downstairs.  A co-worker sent me an email that suggested I go down to the deli to see the cutest kitten.  Already having a cat at home I was certain we didn’t need another.  As soon as I saw the tiny adorable kitten in a big box with a “please find me a home” sign, I knew she was coming home with me that day.  I brought the kitten to the vet and learned she was just a couple of weeks old and weighed only half a pound.  Later that day I was out purchasing everything a spoiled kitten would need for our new family pet, Delilah.

Our Family Pets, the cat Delilah (2)

Delilah the week I brought her home, 2007

Delilah quickly turned into a confident sassy cat.  She is always hiding around a corner waiting for the opportunity to pounce and play.  She loves cat nip.  Her favorite lounging spot is on an open warm laptop.

Our Family Pets, the cat Delilah (5)

She sleeps in our bed each night and follows me out in the morning when I get up.  If my first stop isn’t her food dish she starts meowing.  When my husband wakes up later she tries the same trick to get a second breakfast.

Our Family Pets, the cat Delilah (4)

Delilah is very playful and her favorite toys are my daughter’s plastic ARMY men.  She loves to bat them around the tile floor and probably laughs at us when we step on them in the dark.

Our Family Pets, the cat Delilah

I’m so happy I stumbled upon that sweet tiny kitten at work.  Delilah is such an important part of our family and our home wouldn’t be the same with out her.

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