Christmas Gift Ideas: give your favorite perfume

Christmas Gift Ideas, give your favorite perfume disclosure #scentsavings #shop #cbias

I recently shared that I rarely purchase perfume because it is an expense I just can’t justify. It wasn’t until I discovered the great selection and prices at Walmart that I spent some time buying perfume for myself. This week I had some fun getting started on my holiday shopping list and found the best gift at Walmart. The same perfume I had purchased for myself is my new favorite and I’m excited to include it in my Christmas gift ideas. I have so many friends on my list that I know will love it too. 

Christmas Gift Ideas, give your favorite perfume #scentsavings #shop #cbias

Perfume is one of my favorite gifts to receive but something I rarely purchase for myself.   

Treat-yourself-to-something-sweet-perfume-by-Taylor-Swift-#scentsavings #shop #cbias

The price, selection, and value convinced me to browse the aisle at Walmart. I am now sure every girl needs to know how to treat yourself to something sweet

Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift is the perfect girly scent with a blend of wild berries and flowers with a hint of vanilla.  I use it daily and have received many compliments from both my husband and friends about the soft sweet smell. 

 While holiday shopping this week I found myself again headed to the fragrance section at Walmart. I have a long list to fulfill and my new favorite perfume will be gifted to several friends. On my way to the fragrance aisle I spotted a big display full of holiday gift sets. The display of different cologne and perfume gift sets included fragrance testers. Another reason I previously wouldn’t purchase perfume outside of a department store is because I definitely want to sample the scent before bringing it home. With the low prices and ability to smell the perfume or cologne, the Walmart holiday gift sets are great.

Walmart holiday gift set in store fragrance tester #scentsavings #shop #cbias

I was intrigued by all the holiday gift sets but was especially happy to see Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift on the display.  The gift set includes the perfume, lotion, and bath gel making the gift even better than my original plan of simply purchasing a bottle. 

Walmart perfume gift sets #scentsavings #shop #cbias

As if this gift wasn’t already awesome, the purchase also includes a free celebrity voice ringtone download. The Walmart display had a speaker where you could hear some of the ringtones included. With out a doubt, my favorite was Taylor’s. I definitely have some friends on my contact list worthy of a ringtone with Taylor’s voice each time they call!

Walmart perfume gift sets with ringtone #scentsavings #shop #cbias

The Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift perfume holiday gift set at Walmart is already one of my favorite gifts to give this season. In case any of you were wondering, this is on my wishlist too! Perfume, lotion, bath gel, and a ringtone with Taylor’s voice all at a great price from Walmart…could there really be a better holiday gift? 

Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift perfume gift set at Walmart #scentsavings #shop #cbias

The perfume and cologne holiday gift sets are available in Walmart stores and at

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