Family Holiday Photos {what we wore} 2013

When I was thinking about what we should wear for our family holiday photos this year, I wanted something completely different than last year’s photos in the desert. Although I absolutely adore the images Sarah Grace Photography captured, I didn’t want more pictures in the desert wearing neutral colors. I scheduled our photos with Sarah and was thrilled about the location.The top level of a parking structure was the perfect place to create a photo drastically different than last year’s in the desert. 

Family Holiday Photos {what we wore}

Once our location was confirmed, I started piecing together our family wardrobe for the photos. I wanted something modern and maybe a little edgy. I usually turn to my everyday style pieces for family photos but I was looking to get outside of my comfort zone. Instead of a sweater or cardigan with jeans and boots, I was determined to find something bold. When shopping for family clothes, I tend to find one great piece first and then build around it. After browsing several boutiques and department stores not being drawn to anything, I went to Dillards. I saw a mannequin dressed in a moto jacket and crossed my fingers it looked as good on me. The green and black fitted jacket was the perfect starter piece for our photos. I was sure I could pair the jacket with a top and jeans from my own closet. I moved over to the Girls department and found my daughter an adorable faux leather jacket and cheetah print denim pants.   

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My husband insisted he could find clothes in his own closet for the photos. I don’t think I could have found a better shirt out shopping than what he already had at home. The blue and green stripes in his shirt pulled our colors together perfectly.

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I love the final look in our photos and they are completely different than last year.   

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What I wore:

What my daughter wore:

What my husband wore:

  • Big Star jeans from his closet
  • Old Navy button down shirt from his closet

It’s easy to incorporate items from your own closet and you don’t need to buy completely new outfits for everyone in your family. I started by purchasing the moto jacket for myself and then picked up a few pieces for my daughter.  

A couple of years ago I purchased the cutest red shoes my daughter had tried on in the store the day before our photo session. The next day she decided she no longer liked her new shoes and refused to wear them for the photos. She insisted they hurt her feet so we had to wear something from her closet. Of course this was after she had ripped all the tags off and played in the backyard wearing her shoes. This year we were shopping at the mall and I spotted a sparkly headband for my daughter in the window of Payless Shoe Source.  We went in the store and I ended up also finding myself a very inexpensive pair of pumps.  My daughter insisted on buying new shoes for the photos too. I agreed to buy the shoes but I had a back up plan from her closet in case she changed her mind the next morning.

Make sure mommy feels pretty, your kids are physically comfortable, and daddy remembers it’s picture day.  You want to look good but you also should be well rested and happy.  No one wants to get their photos taken after mommy has been acting crazy trying to get everyone perfectly polished.  Yes, I’ve been there. 

What are wearing in your holiday photos this year?

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