Creepy Crawly Birthday Party

My daughter is absolutely fascinated by bugs. Last year when she asked for a bug themed birthday party I was told her we could have a garden party with ladybugs and butterflies. She quickly clarified she wanted a party full of creepy crawly bugs like hissing cockroaches, centipedes, and tarantulas. I told her we could … Read more

Keeping it Fresh with Fresh Step OdorShield Cat Litter

My husband and I both grew up with pets and until very recently we had two cats in our home. Each cat had their own litter box and by using Fresh Step cat litter I never worried about having a smelly home.  Fresh Step now has cat litter that controls odor with natural ingredients and plant … Read more

#ClubFreshStep Cat Bearding Photo Contest

You might have already heard of cat bearding, the fun new trend of taking photos with a cat held up to your face to appear as a beard.  The trend started when a photo of a cat looking like a beard on someone’s face was posted online.  Others started taking similar photos and the idea … Read more

Our Family Pets, the cat Delilah

In our home we have several family pets including our cat Delilah.  She has a quirky personality and you never quite know what to expect.    In 2007 I was working in a office with a deli downstairs.  A co-worker sent me an email that suggested I go down to the deli to see the … Read more

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