Dog Holiday Gift Basket inspired by the Walgreens Holiday Guide

Dog Holiday Gift Basket, Pet Gifts from Walgreens disclosure #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbiasI recently discovered the great selection of Pet Supply products at Walgreens. Having a dog and cat in my home, I’m excited to have the option of a quick drive to my neighborhood store when I need pet food, toys, or treats. In addition to finding products for my own pets, the Walgreens Holiday Guide inspired me to create a great holiday gift basket for my in-laws’ dogs this year. 

Dog Holiday Gift Basket, Pet Gifts from Walgreens #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

I received a copy of the Walgreens holiday gift guide last week and sat down with a cup of hot tea to browse the magazine. I have quite a few gifts left to purchase and I knew I would find some fun ideas in the gift guide.

Walgreens holiday gift guide #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

As soon as I turned to the page with gifts for pets, I knew I would be creating a gift basket for my in-laws’ dogs. There were so many Pet Shoppe products with great prices using your Balance Rewards card.

Pet gifts in Walgreens holiday gift guide #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

My in-laws have four Border Collies. Bella, Einstein, Socrates, and Plato are all well trained intelligent dogs that are a big part of our family. We usually spend Sundays at their home and my daughter loves playing with the dogs. 

Holiday Border Collie #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

 My in-laws’ Border Collie, Socrates, 2013

Our Husky, Sophie, also enjoys playing with the dogs. Each year we give the dogs a gift from Sophie and I was excited to make a gift basket with the Pet Shoppe products. I went to my neighborhood Walgreens and was happy to see all the products shown in the holiday gift guide.

Pet gifts in Walgreens #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

In addition to the holiday gift section, the pet aisle was stocked full of dog treats and other gift potentials.

Dog bones in Walgreens #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

I ended up purchasing a plush toy for each dog and then a few other toys for them to share. I’m sure the tennis balls will be a favorite.

Walgreens pet toys #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

I also brought home a couple of bags of treats and two packages of bones for the gift basket.

Walgreens dog treats #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

While I was shopping at Walgreens I found a small organizing bin that fit all the gifts perfectly. I really like that my in-laws will be able to use it after the holidays to keep track of the dog toys.

Pet gift basket #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

I could have easily picked up a bone and added a bow for each dog. But instead the pet gifts for all four of the dogs are personalized with their favorite toys and treats! Our dog Sophie was very curious about the gift basket. She decided she loved it so much she snuck a bone from the basket. I hope her cousins don’t mind.

Do you have pets to shop for this holiday season? 

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