How to Get Your Sassy Cat into a Halloween Costume

How to get your sassy cat into a halloween costume disclosure #shebacat #shop #cbias

Halloween will be a little different in our home with the loss of our 15 year old cat earlier this year. Our cat Hercules was incredibly patient and let my four year old daughter dress him up in princess clothes daily.  I knew when I heard giggling coming from my daughter’s playroom, it was probably because Hercules was proudly displaying his latest princess outfit complete with a crown.  This year my daughter is missing going to shop for a cat Halloween costume because our other cat, Delilah, is not so excited to play dress up.  Although we knew it wouldn’t be easy to convince our sassy cat to try on a Halloween costume, my daughter insisted on turning Delilah into a princess to help hand out candy to trick or treating neighbors.  Our cat wanted no part in wearing her new costume until we offered her a dish of Sheba cat food.  The cat food bribe worked like magic. 

get your cat into a Halloween costume #shebacat #shop #cbias

My daughter and I were shopping for pet items recently and she pointed out two cat costumes, a princess and a frog.  We both laughed in the store imagining our cat, Delilah, wearing the costumes for Halloween.  Not able to decide which costume we liked better, we brought home both. 

Pet Halloween Costumes, the princess and the frog #shebacat #shop #cbias (8)

Delilah is a very sassy cat and adamantly refuses to do anything she is not interested in.  My daughter and I did our best to get Delilah in the costumes and take a few pictures.  Getting the costumes on her wasn’t terribly difficult but once she had them on, we couldn’t get her to stop moving for a photo.  She flat out refused to sit up in her new costumes.  My daughter and I couldn’t decide which costume fit better.  

The princess…

Pet Halloween Costume, cat dressed as Cinderella #shebacat #shop #cbias (2)

 or the frog?

Pet Halloween Costume, cat dressed as frog #shebacat #shop #cbias

One thing Delilah loves is food.  Each morning she wakes up with me and goes straight into the laundry room to stand in front of her food dish.  If I don’t get breakfast to her quickly, our sassy cat will meow loudly.  She is quite demanding and I know, unless I want everyone in the house awake early, breakfast needs to be served.

I recently shopped at Walmart and used a coupon for Sheba cat food.  I had printed the “Buy 6, get 1 free” coupon directly from the Sheba website before shopping.  At just $.50 per can, I bought a variety of flavors.  Our cat is very picky and isn’t fond of all cat food.  Finding a high quality canned cat food at a great price is challenging.  When I saw the first ingredient in each variety is real beef, poultry, or seafood, I knew our cat would love Sheba cat food and I didn’t have to worry about her ending up with an upset tummy.  I brought home several different flavors to determine which would be Delilah’s new favorite meal.

Sheba cat food assortment #shebacat #shop #cbias

As soon as we offered a dish of Sheba cat food, she happily posed for photos in her new costumes.  She loved each of the flavors and we had fun playing dress up. 

Pet Halloween Costume, cat dressed as frog #shebacat #shop #cbias (3)

She was very willing to take photos in costume while the Sheba cat food was next to her.  To our surprise, after she finished the food she was still just as happy to sit in her new costumes.   

Pet Halloween Costume, cat dressed as Cinderella #shebacat #shop #cbias (3)

After eating Sheba cat food several days for breakfast, our cat has determined the salmon entrée is her favorite. 

Sheba cat food #shebacat #shop #cbias (10)

The key to having a happy cat in our home is feeding her high quality cat food.  Sheba cat food is just what we needed.

Learn more about Sheba cat food by connecting with the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Will your cat be wearing a costume for Halloween this year?

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