Repticon Phoenix 2014

With a daughter that is completely fascinated by bugs and reptiles, our family has been looking forward to Repticon in Phoenix for weeks. The show brought thousands of reptiles and exotic pets from top breeders and educators. Our first visit to Repticon was a great learning opportunity and a fun family day. The exhibit featured every reptile … Read more

The Color Run 2014 {Tempe, AZ}

My husband and I participated in The Color Run 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour in Tempe, Arizona and had a blast. The weather was so nice compared to The Color Run 2013 in Tempe. With temperatures in the 70s, we enjoyed running with friends through the five color chalk stations.  We wore white shirts and were ready to get … Read more

Blended Conference in Arizona, Fall 2013

Last weekend I attended the Blended Conference, a one day learning opportunity in Arizona. I knew I was going to have fun and learn so much because of my experience earlier in the year when I attended the first Blended Conference.  The very first event was a small private dinner with speakers focusing on food … Read more

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