Your Cleaning Dream Comes True with Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

Making your cleaning dream come true with Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet disclosure #licensetospill #shop #cbias

I live in the very dusty state of Arizona with my very messy and creative four year old daughter, my husband, a big dog, and a cat. Although I vacuum almost daily, it’s fair to say my carpet has seen better days. We have had a few notable stains including red paint from a holiday project gone wrong and grape juice from my daughter’s sippy cup a few years ago. As hard as I’ve tried, nothing has seemed to remove the stains and they are now cleverly covered with rugs. When I heard about Mohawk Flooring’s new SmartStrand carpet, I was anxious to see a live demonstration. Simply hearing about the stain resistant carpet that cleans with warm water was not enough. I wanted to see it in action.  Watching my daughter make a giant mess on pretty carpet, meeting the BetterTV crew, and learning just how amazing SmartStrand carpet really is was the best way to spend a family day!

Making your cleaning dream come true with Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet #licensetospill #shop #cbias

I heard the Mohawk Licence to Spill Carpet Showdown tour was coming to Arizona’s annual Day of the Cowboy and knew my family would be attending. Celebrating cowboys and learning about SmartStrand carpet sounded like a great time. I grew up in a small mining town in Arizona and my family owned horses until I was almost a teenager. I was really looking forward to sharing my love for the western culture with my family at the Day of the Cowboy festival. I was also really looking forward to seeing the Mohawk carpet in action. As expected, my daughter was completely fascinated by the beautiful horses and cowgirls at the festival. 

The Day of the Cowboy festival #licensetospill #shop #cbias

Our family enjoyed the festival activities including the cactus bouncy house and live western music. 

Fun at The Day of the Cowboy festival #licensetospill #shop #cbias

The food at the festival was fantastic. Aaron Friedman, chef at the Gold Canyon Resort, prepared an amazing feast fit for a cowboy. Chef Aaron had incredible prickly pear ribs to share with everyone directly in front of the Mohawk Flooring License to Spill van. The ribs definitely caught the attention of everyone that walked by. 

Yummy ribs at the Gold Canyon Resort #licensetospill #shop #cbias

After snacking on the tasty ribs, everyone was drawn to the mess being made on the SmartStrand carpet at the neighboring display. My daughter was happy to participate in the demonstration and sprayed a small piece of carpet with a blue powerade and soy sauce.  

Making a mess on Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet #licensetospill #shop #cbias

We have had quite a few big spills in our home, even including the exact mess on the carpet sample. I was more than willing to refill the display bottle with water so my daughter could try to wash off the carpet. I was amazed to see the powerade and soy sauce rinsing right off the carpet with nothing more than water. No added solutions, no rags, no scrubbing. My daughter simply sprayed the soiled carpet with a bottle of water and the carpet was clean. 

Cleaning Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet with water #licensetospill #shop #cbias

Next she was invited over to the large display carpet to add to the mess with ketchup and mustard. One of the Mohawk staff members suggested she use the ketchup bottle to write her name on the carpet. She initially hesitated fully knowing this type of mess would not be tolerated at home. When I told her it was okay she quickly grabbed the bottle and started writing her name. Is there really anything more fun to a four year old than squirting your name in ketchup? 

Writing our name in ketchup on Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet #licensetospill #shop #cbias

She was so proud of her mess. 

Proud of her name in ketchup on Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet #licensetospill #shop #cbias

Knowing the challenges of keeping a clean carpet, I was really looking forward to learning about the SmartStrand carpet. Although I had heard of the carpet before, I had never seen a live demonstration. In addition to having a very creative and messy four year old daughter, we have a dog and cat in our home. Arizona is quite dusty and regardless of how many times I vacuum weekly, I feel our carpets are never truly clean. Between my daughter, our pets, and the Arizona dust, my carpet is usually dirty within hours of a good vacuum. Meeting the friendly Mohawk flooring team was a great experience because they answered all of my questions about the carpet. 

Meeting the Mohawk team at AZ #licensetospill demo #shop #cbias

SmartStrand is different from other carpets that claim to be stain resistant. Usually carpets get a topical treatment to the fiber that makes it stain resistant but the Mohawk SmartStrand carpet has the stain protection built into the carpet fiber itself. Regardless of the wear and tear on the carpet, it will always be stain and soil resistant.  

I was very anxious to see how the display carpet would be cleaned. It was a horrific mess. If my carpet ever looks liked the messy display I would most definitely declare it a loss and look for a full replacement.  The carpet was full of blue powerade, ketchup, mustard, and soy sauce. 

Messy carpet at Mohawk #licensetospill demo #shop #cbias

The Mohawk team rolled out a carpet cleaner and filled it with only water. The crowd was hesitant and in complete disbelief as we watched the mess on the carpet being completely removed by water. The mustard was the only challenging stain to remove. The Mohawk crew used a damp cloth to gently scrub the mustard with dish soap. After the dish soap was added, the mustard was completely gone from the carpet. 

Amazing Mohawk SmartStrand carpet cleaning demo #licensetospill #shop #cbias

Mohawk Flooring is the world’s largest flooring manufacturer and now I am certain I need this carpet in my home. I know I’ve looked at stain resistant carpet before and in addition to not being completely sold on how well it worked, I was also not too happy about the color and design options. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is available in many different colors and designs. With so many options I am sure I can find something for every room in my home. Mohawk Flooring products can be found in many retail partners.

Mohawk SmartStand carpet samples #licensetospill #shop #cbias

The SmartStrand carpet is also available in rugs. If you’re not looking to add new carpet to your home, you might consider adding a SmartStrand rug to protect your existing carpet. Even better than purchasing a rug, you can enter to win your own 6′ x 9′ SmartStrand silk bound carpet rug.

To learn more about Mohawk’s amazing stain resistant carpet, connect with Mohawk Flooring on Facebook and Twitter.

Which room in your home do you most need SmartStrand carpet?

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