The Color Run 2014 {Tempe, AZ}

The Color Run disclosure

My husband and I participated in The Color Run 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour in Tempe, Arizona and had a blast. The weather was so nice compared to The Color Run 2013 in Tempe. With temperatures in the 70s, we enjoyed running with friends through the five color chalk stations. 

The Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour 2014 Tempe, AZ

We wore white shirts and were ready to get covered in a rainbow of chalk. 

white shirts before The Color Run

So many excited participants were waiting to get started at the start line. I saw many fun white outfits and accessories including tutus, hats, and wigs.

The Color Run start line

Each time we passed a 1K marker, we ran through a station of chalk throwing volunteers. My white top quickly changed to a kaleidoscope of colors! I was completely covered in pink, yellow, orange, blue, and purple chalk. 

running through color at The Color Run

By the end my husband and I were a mess! 

messy at the end of The Color Run

I met up with some of the other #AZColorBloggers during the race. 

#AZColorBloggers after The Color Run

Sara of Mom Endeavors, Kelly of Eclectic Momsense, Sara of Clever Pink Pirate and her daughter, Jennifer from Life According to the Streets, Kim, and me

There were several water stations along the course of the race and at the end we were given almond & coconut bars. We also received headbands and extra chalk as we finished. 

PicMonkey Collage

The party at the end of the race was full of music, excited runners, and a lot of color!  

party after The Color Run

Learn more about the run and where you can participate by connecting with The Color Run 2014 on Facebook and Twitter. See photos of previous events by following The Color Run on Pinterest.  

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