Repticon Phoenix 2014

With a daughter that is completely fascinated by bugs and reptiles, our family has been looking forward to Repticon in Phoenix for weeks. The show brought thousands of reptiles and exotic pets from top breeders and educators. Our first visit to Repticon was a great learning opportunity and a fun family day.

Repticon Phoenix 2014

The exhibit featured every reptile pet imagineable. From lizards to turtles with everything in between, common pets were everywhere. My daughter already has two pet madagaskar cockroaches, Zoey and Zack. She was determined to bring them home another friend but changed her focus when she learned large tortoises could live in our backyard.

tortoise at Repticon in Phoenix

My most favorite pet to learn about today was the baby sugar glider. They are adorable, super cuddly, and very attached to their human companions. 

sugar glider at Repticon in Phoenix

My daughter’s favorite part of the day was when she posed for a picture with a big python.

python at Repticon in Phoenix

Surprisingly we left the exhibit with out bringing home any new pets. If it were up to my daughter, we would have came home with one of everything!

Learn more about Repticon by connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Repticon travels all over the United States and tickets can be purchased online as well as at the venues. The Repticon Phoenix 2014 exhibit is at the state fairgrounds February 8 – 9. Don’t miss this fun learning opportunity if you have a child intrigued by reptiles and exotic pets.

Which pet do you want to learn more about at Repticon?

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