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Since having my identity stolen several years ago, tax season is no longer simply a refund check we anticipate. The aggravation caused is worth so much more than a short explanation but in the spirit of moving forward instead, this tax season we are looking to maximize how we spend our refund. With Walmart Family Mobile from Walmart this week’s spring break drive to California will have family road trip data for us all. The Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan includes Unlimited* Talk, Text, & Data plus a free VUDU movie credit every month per line for $49.88 so our daughters will be happy campers in the car on our way to favorite theme parks.

*Includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE† data then 2G.

Get all the family road trip data you need with Walmart Family Mobile!

We already have mobile service established but with an eight year old daughter constantly eying our electronics during long road trips, a new Samsung Galaxy On5 (currently retails at $119) with 10GB of data and a free VUDU movie credit each month is perfect for our family. For just $49.88 monthly I no longer am worried about data overages. Since Family Mobile bills you later, you only have to pay $19.88 for the SIM kit when you sign up. You can bring your own phone to activate or purchase from the large selection at Walmart. 

Get all the family road trip data you need with Walmart Family Mobile!

My husband and I had always filed our taxes jointly and electronically without any issues. Then in 2013 after filing online we received an email advising our return had been rejected as I had already filed my taxes as an individual. Through an exhausting process we learned my identity had been stolen and someone else had filed taxes as me. Learning about identity theft was not easy and unfortunately we still don’t know the extent of the damage. We indefinitely have to file our taxes by mail with a security pin causing any expected tax return to have significant delays. Prior to the identity theft we would be excited to receive our tax return but no longer have that same enthusiasm because it’s taken so long to receive any refund we are owed. In 2012 there were 12.6 million victims of identity theft in the United States and many are affected at tax time; imagine all those delayed refunds. With Walmart Family Mobile, for just the price of the phone, SIM kit and service to be billed later, we maximized this year’s refund to add some fun (and data!) to our spring break family road trip.

Get all the family road trip data you need with Walmart Family Mobile!Get all the family road trip data you need with Walmart Family Mobile!

Family road trip data is important for us because I work while my husband drives. Our daughters stay entertained in the car with games, books and their favorite electronics. The very last thing we want to do is ask happy kids to put down whatever it is that’s keeping them quiet during a long road trip. 

Get all the family road trip data you need with Walmart Family Mobile!

We’ll be spending the week in Carlsbad, California and visiting several favorite parks including Disneyland, SeaWorld and Universal Studios. We incorporated a couple of lazy beach days too that I’m sure will end up with family movie nights, a perfect way to use our first month’s free VUDU $7 credit which is the same as the cost of a new release rental. The long drive won’t feel quite as long with family road trip data. Getting connected is quick and easy – you could even pick up your new phone and service at Walmart while you stop for road trip snacks.

Get all the family road trip data you need with Walmart Family Mobile!

How will you use your Walmart Family Mobile family road trip data to max your tax cash?

Get all the family road trip data you need with Walmart Family Mobile!


  1. 1

    robin masshole mommy says

    We actually just bought a condo up in New Hampshire, so that means there are a lot of 3 hour trips back and forth for us. I will look into this plan for my kids.

    • 2


      Fun! It’s awesome to have a place to go you are familiar with. My kids are so used to our California drive the six hours don’t seem to bother them too much – when I pack the right activities!

  2. 3


    Fortunately for me I’m still on a data everything plan so my kids are set for these roadtrips but my husband’s plan with his father is totally different and sometimes they go over so this would be perfect for him!

  3. 5


    So important to really check out every store/companies policies and plans before making a final selection with cell phones. Especially when its for the entire family and kids who use the phone on the road during long drives. That stinks about what happened with the identity theft! Ugh! Glad you get to have a family trip now…

  4. 9


    This is so smart. I know my step sisters are always driving data through the roof on field trips and day trips and what have you. It’s such a good idea to have this stuff in mind if you’re heading away from wifi!

  5. 21

    planningthemagic says

    There really are some great deals out there like this one from Walmart. I think with kids it also doesn’t have to be the best speed in the world. If it works on a long road trip than it works.

  6. 23

    annalisanuttall says

    Ooh this look very handy and I should get something like this for when I got traveling next year. xx

  7. 25

    thefashionableaccountant says

    I heard about this also through a blogger friend of mine and it seems like a great plan. I love how there are more affordable ways to have cell and data services now a days especially when kids are getting cell phones sooner. I am on a pay as you go type plan with AT&T because its half the price of having a regular plan since its only me on it and I love it.

  8. 27

    reesann723 says

    Wow! I can’t believe people would do this! It’s disgusting!!! I have been thinking about switching to WFM for awhile now because it is so cost effective!

  9. 29

    cvnxena says

    eugh! Identity theft is the worst, sorry you had to go through that, at least this makes it a little easier!

    • 30


      Thank you! It truly was a horrible experience but I learned a lot about how to handle it (hoping I never need to use those skills again!).

  10. 33 says

    Great idea! We do a lot of traveling with the kids in tow, so I am definitely checking this out!

  11. 35


    This sounds like a great plan. I feel like I’m paying an arm and a leg just for my one line. I’m sorry to hear about your identity all those years ago.

  12. 41

    The Everyday Mom Life says

    This sounds awesome! I hate how road trips just completely drain my data and my kids don’t even use it yet!

    • 44


      I’m so sorry to hear that about your identity theft. It’s amazing how many people this happens too and the serious backlog on getting help for victims.

  13. 47

    Brittany says

    I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to play on a phone during a road trip! It would help keep them entertained!

  14. 49


    Girl! You’re brave!!! We fly most places (unless it’s just a couple hours) because our toddler is in the “won’t sit still” phase. Our saving grace on those flights and for those short road trips has been the Netflix downloadable movies, but I can see how non-Netflix users would need an alternative and this mobile plan is a great suggestion!!! I didn’t even know about it, but will definitely be passing this on!

    • 50


      I honestly loathe being at the airport with my spunky two year old. She runs away, talks to all strangers, is a tornado in gift shops, and generally refuses to keep to her clothes on. Love this kid but my goodness, strapping her into a carseat feels so much easier sometimes. 🙂

  15. 51

    Karina Pacheco says

    Love this data plan. Road trips can be hard and very long and even though it’s not great to hand over a tablet or phone to a child to be glued to, during a road trip it’s a must and so helpful for navigation in case it’s needed!

    • 54


      It sounds ridiculous but having the extra data is also helpful with our indecisive two year old. We download her favorite movies and shows then she wants to watch everything we don’t have on a long road trip!