"Fish in the Pond" Preschool Snacks

I was so excited when I saw it was my daughter's turn to bring snacks to her preschool class.  I started a "preschool snack ideas" board because I had so much fun finding cute ideas online.  The board only has a few pins but it was a good start.  I showed my daughter the pictures and asked which snack she would like to share with her friends.  She picked the goldfish in the pond rice cakes.  They were fun to make, healthy, and yummy!Ingredients:-goldfish crackers-rice cakes-blue food coloring (I Read More... {Read More...}

Chocolate Peppers – Cinco De Mayo Treat

I was looking for a fun Cinco De Mayo themed snack to share at my daughter's playgroup fiesta potluck earlier this week.  I found chocolate peppers in the May edition of Disney's Family Fun magazine.  They weren't too difficult to make and the kids loved them.Ingredients:-Tootsie Roll Midgees-Pretzel Sticks-Red Candy Melts-Green Candy Melts Heat your oven to 200 degrees and turn off.   Line a pan with parchment paper and tootsie rolls.  Put the pan in your warm oven to soften.  The pan can be Read More... {Read More...}

Potluck Tip: Labels and a Sharpie

This week I hosted a Cinco De Mayo fiesta potluck for my daughter's play group.  It was fun seeing and tasting all the themed dishes.  I knew with a fiesta potluck there may be a few dishes that wouldn't be easy to recognize or know ingredients with out first taking a bite.  To make this easier on all the moms and not require them standing at our potluck buffet I put a stack of themed place cards on the table next to a Sharpie.  Free Cinco De Mayo Party Printables Place Cards via The Emeals Read More... {Read More...}