Evil Queen’s Punch Recipe

If you love Disney Villains like our family, there’s not a more iconic image than the Evil Queen preparing Snow White’s poison apple. During my live segment on Arizona Midday last year celebrating with a Disney Descendants party, I made bubbly lime green Evil Queen’s punch and have had many requests for the recipe ever since. The quick two ingredient Evil Queen’s Punch recipe is perfect to celebrate your favorite Villain or to debut during a Halloween party!

Evil Queen's Punch Recipe

Evil Queen’s Punch Recipe


  • 2 L lemon-lime soda
  • 1 C green apple Kool-Aid® Mix

The same way you saw the Evil Queen mix her magic potion for Snow White’s apple, stir the lemon-lime soda and Kool-Aid mix together.

Evil Queen's Punch original

Serve in a punch bowl with dry ice. 

Dry ice tip: place ice in a cup in the center of your punch bowl, fill bowl with punch, then fill cup in center with water to activate dry ice. Some of the ice may seep into the punch causing big white bubbles. The dry ice should not be consumed and remain in the punch bowl as decoration.

Evil Queen's punch display

The fog and big white bubbles create a perfect replica of the Evil Queen’s Punch Recipe created for Snow White’s apple!

Evil Queen's punch dry ice

The green apple flavor adds to the fun and reminds you this is the very punch that poisoned Snow’s White’s apple – of course minus the poison! Enjoy!

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