Watermelon Smoothie and More Summer Recipes

My family has been enjoying early summer mornings outside.  This week, while learning about the letter W, my daughter and I had some fun making a watermelon smoothie. You only need a few ingredients to make this yummy treat. Ingredients: 1 small seedless watermelon 1 tbsp honey 1 tsp lime juice 1 c ice Directions: 1) Cut watermelon in half and remove the melon from the rind. If you're like me and don't have any special kitchen tools to use for this process, Read More... {Read More...}

Take a Break with MommyJuice Wines

You will never hear me complain about my role as mommy.  I feel so fortunate to have a little person looking up to me every single day.  Although I love every part of being mommy, we know it’s always a constant juggling act.  You never get to turn off your little person that loves you so much and wants nothing more than your company and cuddles all day long. My days are long and I don’t spend enough hours of my night sleeping.  I need to remind myself that even mommies need a Read More... {Read More...}