Stop and Smell the Roses toddler fashion

toddler fashion stop and smell the roses feature

There's something magical about watching a toddler stop and smell the roses. The cute little way they pucker up their lips and scrunch their nose to take a big whiff of flowery goodness is the best. Baby sister says, "mmmmmm booodiful" and it's a moment I want to see replayed over and over forever. Our holiday photo session was so much fun and I was beyond thrilled to see the images this week. Sarah Jane Photography did an amazing job at Heritage Square in Phoenix capturing beautiful moments of Read More... {Read More...}

“My First Halloween” printable


Halloween is such a fun opportunity to allow your children to express themselves in costume. Over the past six years my older daughter has dressed up in a wide variety of costumes ranging from frilly princesses to sea animals. As her mommy, I'm not sure there is anything cuter than her very first costume. I remember her first Halloween and the fun I had dressing her as a kitten in a big fluffy costume with a poofy pink tail. This year we have family costumes planned but I couldn't pass Read More... {Read More...}

Baby photography studio session – tips to make it great!


We have our family photos taken every year before the holidays. Working with different bloggers and creative entreprenuers has put me in touch with so many wonderfully talented people. Unfortunately both photographers we've worked with for the past few years for our family photos have moved out of state. This year I truly had no idea where I would turn when it was time for photos of my sweet daughters. Instead of trying to develop a new relationship with a local photographer, I participated in a Read More... {Read More...}

Family holiday photos at Balboa Pier, California

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For the past few years I've worked with the same photographer for our family holiday photos and have been extremely happy. I was pretty disappointed this year when I realized my very favorite family photographer that my family had grown to love so much moved out of state. Sarah Grace was wonderful to work with for our family photos 2012 and 2013. Sarah took the time to get to know our family and provided us with so much more than just pretty pictures. This year I was on a mission for a new Read More... {Read More...}

Family Holiday Photos {what we wore} 2013

Family Holiday Photos {what we wore}

When I was thinking about what we should wear for our family holiday photos this year, I wanted something completely different than last year's photos in the desert. Although I absolutely adore the images Sarah Grace Photography captured, I didn't want more pictures in the desert wearing neutral colors. I scheduled our photos with Sarah and was thrilled about the location.The top level of a parking structure was the perfect place to create a photo drastically different than last year's Read More... {Read More...}

Family Holiday Photos, more than just pretty pictures

Sarah Grace Photography, Holiday Mini 2012, Brie Brie Blooms (7)

Our family holiday photos from last year are so much more than just pretty pictures.  Last year was exceptionally challenging for my family.  My grandmother was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and passed away over the summer.  During that same week, I had a miscarriage and then my husband's role changed significantly at work.  Three major struggles in the same week.  The months following were difficult.  We completely changed our social circle and committed to Read More... {Read More...}