Stop and Smell the Roses toddler fashion

There’s something magical about watching a toddler stop and smell the roses. The cute little way they pucker up their lips and scrunch their nose to take a big whiff of flowery goodness is the best. Baby sister says, “mmmmmm booodiful” and it’s a moment I want to see replayed over and over forever. Our holiday photo session was so much fun and I was beyond thrilled to see the images this week. Sarah Jane Photography did an amazing job at Heritage Square in Phoenix capturing beautiful moments of our family in film. Film. The Phoenix photographer shoots in film and the results are stunning. Add in the stop and smell the roses toddler fashion and you’ll end up turning more than a handful of photos into framed masterpieces for your home. 

All photos featured in this post by Sarah Jane Photography.

toddler fashion stop and smell the roses

When you’re one and a half, things move on your time. Pose for a picture? Nope. Stick out my tongue and sit on the porch instead? Heck yes.

toddler fashion porch Sarah Jane Photography

Remove cute accessories? Another check. We were all happy and quite relieved baby sister didn’t actually start taking off her clothes, which she loves to do at the most important moments.

toddler fashion headband Sarah Jane Photography

A good game of Peek a Boo with her big sister brought out all the giggles.

toddler fashion laughing Sarah Jane Photography

And squishy kisses.

toddler fashion sisters Sarah Jane Photography

While trying to wrap up our last few family photos, baby sister decided she would much rather be smelling the flowers instead. 

toddler fashion Sarah Jane Photographytoddler fashion smelling flowers Sarah Jane Photography

Denim Jacket | Skirt | BootsHeadband

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