Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner for pet owners

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Rug Doctor. I received product to facilitate a review and thank me for participating. All opinions are my own. As a pet owner and parent I'm still amazed by how quickly and often unexpected messes occur in my house. I shouldn't be. We have multiple pets and a child in our home; messes happen a lot. We have a carpet cleaner that I use monthly but a spot cleaner for pet owners has always been Read More... {Read More...}

Tips to keep your pets cool in the summer

Living in Arizona means our summers get really hot! With a big indoor dog that loves to play outside, we have a few tips to help keep your pets cool in the summer. My daughter does an excellent job making sure our husky isn't outside for extended amounts of time and when she is enjoying the summer heat she always has access to water.  We get asked a lot how we could have a Siberian Husky in Arizona. Our pretty dog, Sophie, was born in Arizona from a long line of huskies that Read More... {Read More...}

#ad Positive Reinforcement Dog Training with Small Bites

While my husband and I just have one child, we have a full house when you count our pets. Our daughter loves all animals and I expect our family to continue growing with her interest in science. In addition to a few insect pets, we have our cat Delilah, a brand new kitten named Toby, and our Siberian Husky Sophie. My husband graduated from UCONN and always wanted a dog to match their Siberian Husky mascot. We selected Sophie from a local breeder just before I was pregnant with our daughter Read More... {Read More...}

Thoughtful cat food recipes from GOODLIFE™

Although she is not our only family pet, our cat Delilah seems to think we are just roommates sharing her house. Delilah is almost eight years old but we still think of her as a kitten because she was so tiny when we first brought her home. She is the baby in our house and is definitely spoiled by our family. When it comes to feeding our demanding princess we have to be careful because she has a finicky stomach. New foods and too many treats make her tummy ache and she makes sure we all Read More... {Read More...}

I’m taking control of the litter box with the Litter Genie

  I have a confession to make. My husband and I have always had a pet cat and I have never cleaned the litter box. Not even once. I moved in with him and his cat, Hercules, almost 13 years ago while dating. Many years later with the addition of a new cat to our family I can still say I have never cleaned the litter box. I love that my husband cleans the litter box but I recently discovered a way to help. The Litter Genie Essentials Pale, a cat litter disposal system, provided Read More... {Read More...}

Creepy Crawly Birthday Party

My daughter is absolutely fascinated by bugs. Last year when she asked for a bug themed birthday party I was told her we could have a garden party with ladybugs and butterflies. She quickly clarified she wanted a party full of creepy crawly bugs like hissing cockroaches, centipedes, and tarantulas. I told her we could save the creepy crawly party for the next year and we had a Fourth Birthday Art Party instead. This year when we started planning her fifth birthday party, she was quick to Read More... {Read More...}

Dog Holiday Gift Basket inspired by the Walgreens Holiday Guide

I recently discovered the great selection of Pet Supply products at Walgreens. Having a dog and cat in my home, I'm excited to have the option of a quick drive to my neighborhood store when I need pet food, toys, or treats. In addition to finding products for my own pets, the Walgreens Holiday Guide inspired me to create a great holiday gift basket for my in-laws' dogs this year.  I received a copy of the Walgreens holiday gift guide last week and sat down with a Read More... {Read More...}

How to Get Your Sassy Cat into a Halloween Costume

Halloween will be a little different in our home with the loss of our 15 year old cat earlier this year. Our cat Hercules was incredibly patient and let my four year old daughter dress him up in princess clothes daily.  I knew when I heard giggling coming from my daughter's playroom, it was probably because Hercules was proudly displaying his latest princess outfit complete with a crown.  This year my daughter is missing going to shop for a cat Halloween costume because our other cat, Read More... {Read More...}

Keeping it Fresh with Fresh Step OdorShield Cat Litter

My husband and I both grew up with pets and until very recently we had two cats in our home. Each cat had their own litter box and by using Fresh Step cat litter I never worried about having a smelly home.  Fresh Step now has cat litter that controls odor with natural ingredients and plant extracts. In addition to fighting bad odors, the new litter also helps prevent the spread of airborne bacteria. Our family has always preferred Fresh Step cat litter, but with the new OdorShield Read More... {Read More...}

#ClubFreshStep Cat Bearding Photo Contest

You might have already heard of cat bearding, the fun new trend of taking photos with a cat held up to your face to appear as a beard.  The trend started when a photo of a cat looking like a beard on someone's face was posted online.  Others started taking similar photos and the idea went viral. Collective Bias and Fresh Step want to see your best cat bearding photos.  By sharing your most creative and original cat bearding photo, you could win a professional photo Read More... {Read More...}