Polar Bear kids craft to celebrate International Polar Bear Day

polar bear kids craft

To celebrate International Polar Bear Day February 27, 2014 in my preschool classroom we are reading books about polar bears, sharing a marshmallow bear snack, and making a polar bear craft. The day is a great opportunity to teach about the fascinating bear.  We have visited polar bears at many different zoos and see the resident bear at SeaWorld San Diego frequently. My daughter has learned so much about the bears and loves getting to climb through the polar bear cave at the Read More... {Read More...}

Building confidence and growing creativity with Crayola colors


  When a young child creates a masterpiece, a work of art they are proud of, their self esteem soars. As a preschool teacher I know how fine motor skills are developed through art and the use of different materials. Most of my favorite classroom projects are centered around open ended art to give each child the feeling of accomplishment. With out any specific outcome desired, children are able to explore their own creativity. They are able to build confidence and be comfortable with Read More... {Read More...}

Recycled milk jug valentines mailbox

recycled milk jug valentines mailbox

Classroom Valentine's Day parties usually result in your child coming home with a backpack stuffed full of cute cards and treats. Teachers might ask you to help your child make a mailbox for collecting their valentines in the classroom. Use the opportunity to recycle a milk jug and have some fun getting creative with your child. If you are a teacher looking for easy valentine mailbox ideas in your classroom, ask each student to bring an empty clean milk jug to class. The easy mailboxes can be Read More... {Read More...}