#BeachesMoms #BeachesGoSeek Social Media on the Sand Instagram Photo Challenge, Turks and Caicos

You might have noticed just a couple of weeks ago I was in Turks and Caicos. This was definitely not your standard vacation. I attended the Social Media on the Sand conference at the beautiful Beaches Turks and Caicos resort. I brought along my mom, her cousin, and great aunt to the all inclusive resort for an unforgettable vacation. We were treated to incredible service, accommodations, divine cuisine, drinks, and the most gorgeous beach view I’ve ever experienced. The experience, by far, is one of my best travel endeavors. With so much to share about the conference and resort, I first want to explain why I posted 50 Instagram photos over just a few days. We were surrounded by surreal natural beauty and I easily could have posted hundreds more. The #BeachesMoms #BeachesGoSeek Instagram challenge gave conference attendees an opportunity to explore the Beaches resort while learning about hidden treasures we might not have otherwise sought out on our own. The photos covered everything from time with our families to favorite dining opportunities. Each collection of photos are diverse and some of the conference attendees showed off their creativity. My #BeachesGoSeek album shows the fun I had on a family girls weekend at the beautiful Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos.


#BeachesMoms #BeachesGoSeek Instagram Photo Challenge 

1. A photo of SOMEONE tickling Elmo


2. Your toes in the sand wearing your FlipOut Sandals

We were sent a pair of FlipOut Sandals prior to our visit to Turks and Caicos. The interchangeable jewelry that adorns the top of the sandals make these extremely versatile and fun. I brought home a pair from the resort gift shop for my daughter and she declared them her favorite souvenir. 


3. Posing on the Kitty Kat

The Kitty Kat is a boat that unfortunately left due to rough waters before I was able to snap a picture for the challenge. I had to get creative and found a “kitty kat” Beaches shirt for my photo.


4. Near the Beaches Sails


5. Grab five OTHER MOMS for a JUMP picture on the beach

I promise my feet were off the sand at some point.


6. In front of the Red Lane® Spa wearing something red

During our pursuit to find the wedding chapel for a different photo, Sara from Mom Endeavors and I came across the nicest group of Beaches employees. They were part of the entertainment group and offered to help us conquer a few photos in the challenge. I borrowed a scarf and was given a red flower for my photo in front of the spa.


7. Selfie of your choice

The beach party ended with fireworks giving me a reason for a creative selfie.


8. You and SOMEONE at Bobby D’s licking an ice cream cone

I expected soft serve and was delighted to discover a full ice cream shop with cones, sundaes, shakes, and more!


9. You on the choo-choo train

This train trolleys around the Beaches Resort treating kids to a ride.


10. You and a Beaches Butler

We learned about the butler experience and it’s now been added to my bucket list. Part magicians and part mind readers, the Beaches butlers make your vacation even more magical.


11. A group hug with SOMEONE

My cousin, mom, great aunt, and I had so much fun at the beach party. My great aunt won the dance contest and was quite the celebrity for the remainder of our visit!


12. A food photo (from one of your meals)

Every buffet we visited was fantastic.


13. A selfie with a STRANGER

Unbeknownst to me, I was not a stranger to the Beaches social media manager but had never met her in person.


14. You posing with a colorful tropical cocktail at the French Village Pool Bar

Pregnant or not, the bartenders at the Beaches Resort are phenomenal. I asked for a pretty non alcoholic drink and they created this colorful fruity concoction. 


15. You going down the slide at Pirates Island Waterpark


16. You and SOMEONE mimicking a resort statue (and wearing a wig)

Mom Endeavors and I perfectly mimicked the resort statue while wearing these silly wigs.


17. SOMEONE playing lawn chess

While I was attending conference sessions, my mom and her aunt were playing at the Beaches Resort.


18. You and SOMEONE posing on a balcony with an ocean view in the background

This was the view from our upstairs bedroom!


19. Take a selfie with Chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart

Although Gordon Stewart was wandering the resort through the weekend, I got creative and took a selfie with the art created at the beach party.


20. Take a selfie with CEO Adam Stewart

Amazing speaker with a passion for creating the greatest resorts in the world.


21. A photo in front of the wedding office where you or anyone is dressed in a toilet paper dress and veil

Thanks to the awesome Beaches team we accidentally stumbled across, Mom Endeavors and I were able to show off a toilet paper wedding dress!


22. A photo of you in your favorite Village lobby wearing it’s corresponding prop


23. You in the ocean

I didn’t mind walking into the warm water before the beach party.


24. You and three OTHER MOMS in the ocean, but this time holding a beach ball

During our tour of Iguana Island (Little Water Cay) with Island Routes, a few moms and I took a picture holding a beach ball in the crystal clear water.


25. Your family on the beach building a sandcastle

My mom and cousin had fun playing in the sand on the beach!


26. An intricate tile mosaic

The resort is beautiful and has countless detailed tile mosaics. 


27. A photo of a lit fire pit

Every night we could sit oceanside enjoying a fire pit.


28. A photo in front of ALL FOUR village signs

The resort is huge and this photo collage took quite a bit of exploring.


29. A photo of you playing in the Xbox Play Lounge

The Xbox Play Lounge is an excellent place for families to connect or kids to get active with Kinect Sports.


30. A photo of someone who looks like someone famous


31. A photo of towel art

Towel art was left in our room everyday but could also be found around the resort.


32. A selfie with your favorite Beaches team member

Every team member I encountered was fabulous. This particular team member was part of the small group that helped us get that fun wedding photo.


33. The sunrise

This was the view from the balcony off my bedroom.


34. The Sunset

I wish I could see this sunset more often!


35. Your absolute favorite spot on property

The pier was a great spot to walk out over the water each day.


36. A photo of your family at Beaches

The first night of the conference, during the family pirate party at the water park, we all dressed up and had fun with music.


37. An elegant resort fountain

The resort has gorgeous fountains and water displays around every corner.


38. Clinking glasses

Of course I wasn’t drinking, but my mom, aunt, and cousin enjoyed the bar at the pirate party.


39. Something that makes you happy

The reason I was there was to learn about the Beaches Resorts but I had no idea how unbelievably awesome the entire experience would be. Soon I’ll be sharing everything I learned so you too can deem this the perfect vacation destination.


40. Photo of a smile

We were all smiling the entire week!


41. People laughing

Maria Bailey is an amazing speaker and had us laughing through most of the conference.


42. Anything that catches your eye

My cousin went home with some new serving skills.


43. Something with wings

The Beaches Resorts cater to children and family with the constant presence of the Sesame Street gang. You’ll find the characters in many different places throughout the resort. They came in to visit us during a conference session.


44. A directional sign

Although the resort has directional signs, you can ask any team member along the way for assistance. Or make it even easier and get a complimentary ride.


45. A dessert photo

In addition to the 19 restaurants, we enjoyed food at the many different events attended during the conference. The dessert selection at the beach party was incredible.


46. A photo of the Island Routes Tour Desk


47. Lands’ End Swim Tee Selfie

Thanks to Lands’ End, we all received swim tees to keep us covered from the sun while enjoying the water.


48. Strike a pose in front of the HP Living Photo Wall

HP was another excellent conference sponsor. They provided us with the ability to print favorite photos directly from our phones or memory cards.


49. Pose in the most blissful spot with Neuro

With only 35 calories and no artificial colors or flavors, conference attendees were excited to experience Neuro drinks.


50. Take a selfie in your Iristocracy sunglasses

You can’t go to Turks and Caicos without sunglasses! Thanks to Iristocracy, we all received new Ted Baker sunglasses.


Getting invited to Beaches Turks and Caicos and bringing along my mom, her cousin, and great aunt was an excellent opportunity to learn about the Beaches Resorts while enjoying a fun girls week with family. The #BeachesGoSeek Instagram challenge encouraged us to visit the entire resort and laugh with friends taking silly photos. Only a handful of the conference attendees completed all 50 of the photo challenges. Completing all the photos meant we could win a family vacation back to the Beaches resort. I didn’t win the grand prize but was treated to a resort gift card to bring souvenirs home to my daughter and husband.


#BeachesMoms #BeachesGoSeek Social Media on the Sand Instagram Challenge Winners

Check out more collections of photos from the Social Media on the Sand Instagram Challenge by searching #BeachesGoSeek on Instagram. Follow Brie Brie Blooms on Instagram to see other photos I shared during our Turks and Caicos family vacation.

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