Our baby birth story

Our new baby’s birth story isn’t what I expected. My pregnancy with our six year old daughter had no complications and I was induced just before her due date. The induction was quick and easy – Pitocin, broken water, delivered baby with three pushes. I had been on Pitocin for an entire day during my first daughter’s induction with no real progress. Overnight I was given a break and then the doctor broke my water in the morning. Our daughter was born just a short time later with truly only three pushes. This pregnancy I was in no hurry to be induced until I passed my due date and the doctor told us our baby girl was getting too big. We scheduled the induction and waited for the hospital to call us in. Four days later we finally received a call from the hospital to come in for the induction appointment. Little did we know, we would be back home and still pregnant the next day. Our baby birth story does not include a successful induction the first attempt.


We arrived at the hospital just after 5:00 pm for our induction. My mom and our six year old daughter were waiting in the lobby while my husband and I were seen in triage. Originally we were told we would sign papers and take vitals in triage then be admitted to a labor and delivery room. Our daughter waited patiently with my mom until we were in a room and she could come back to see us. Several hours later I had made no labor progress with gels and our daughter had to go home with her grandma without being able to see me before she left. The rotation at the hospital changed and a different nurse came in to check me. I was having regular contractions just a couple minutes apart but was only dilated to three. She said we couldn’t administer more gel because my contractions were too close together but they couldn’t admit me and proceed with the induction because I wasn’t dilated enough. The on call doctor came in and told me I would be going home and could return when I was in natural labor. He explained the induction process from six years ago when our first daughter was born had changed drastically. We agreed to walk and potentially try another gel if my contractions slowed. After an ambien and several hours, the contractions hadn’t changed and I was not dilating on my own. We were welcome to stay but it was made very clear they would do nothing except monitor me until I went home or went into labor. We scheduled another induction a few days later and went home. My contractions finally stopped a couple of days later and we were excited when we called an hour before our second induction appointment to confirm a room was available and we could come in as planned.

We arrived on time at 4:30 am and learned there actually weren’t any labor and delivery rooms available. I verified many times before agreeing to go back to triage that I would eventually be moved to a room and not sent home. I was now one full week past my due date. The nurse administered Cervidil and I was told it needed to stay in place until labor started or a full 12 hours. 12 hours later I had been admitted, was in a labor and delivery room, and making no significant progress. Overnight I was given Cytotec to help my cervix dilate and hopefully move the baby down. She was still too high to start Pitocin or break my water. By the morning I had started Pitocin but was told I might again get sent home because labor was not progressing. I was losing confidence with the second induction and felt frustrated because I wasn’t told of this possibility prior to checking in again.

Then something amazing happened. The nurses changed shifts. When my new nurse walked in I recognized her immediately. It was Stacey, the nurse that delivered our first daughter over six years ago. I remembered how much we adored Stacey and felt so relieved when I saw her again. I’m not overly religious and don’t believe in signs but I truly believe she was there to make the day easier for us. I told her I was worried we would have to go home again and she said, “absolutely not, we are having a baby today.”


my husband, our first daughter, me, and our nurse Stacey (2008)

She increased my Pitocin and by noon I was having regular contractions but they weren’t very strong and I was only dilated to 4.5 with the baby still being high. Just after 1:00 the doctor broke my water. Quickly after my water broke I was having very painful contractions and asked for an epidural. It took a little while to get the epidural and everything was moving very fast. The baby had finally dropped and I was dilating. After I received the epidural my nurses went on a quick lunch break. During that time another nurse checked me and I was dilated to 9.5. She called back Stacey and the other nurse. They came in, quickly prepped the room with the doctor, and said it was time. Less than 10 pushes and about 15 minutes later our sweet baby girl was born.


Her big sister came in to meet her an hour after delivery and was instantly in love.


Although I was pretty nice and calm while in labor, I gave both of our nurses and doctor a pregnancy behavior apology cards with SNICKERS┬«. I’m truly grateful for Stacey’s arrival because she completely put me at ease and made our baby birth story so amazing.


Welcome to the world sweet baby.


We’ve been home for a week and can’t get enough of this precious baby girl. Like all newborns she eats and sleeps but this time having a big sister around makes it feel so much more special. After having a miscarriage a few years ago we weren’t sure if we would ever be more than a little family of three. Now, with two daughters, I can’t imagine it any other way.

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  1. Your story brought me tears. I to would like Mt threesome to be a foursome. Maybe next time I can be closer to 40 weeks. I had a 3 lb 33 weeker. Your story gives me hope.


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