Tips and free printables to keep your blog organized {part 1: income, expenses, and sales}

This week I’ve been thinking about how thankful I am for the Brie Brie Blooms blog. I’ve had an incredible year because of all the unique opportunities I’ve been given as a blogger. In addition to time management, this year I’ve learned so much about how to be efficient with record keeping. Over the course of several different posts I’ll be sharing all the record keeping documents in my blog binder with free printables to help get you organized too. The first part of this series includes all the documents I have in my finance tab. The printables will help you keep track of your expected payments, income, products and comps received, 

Tips and free printables to keep your blog organized, part 1

Signing contracts with work opportunities is exciting but not keeping track of when you are supposed to be paid could lead to missing payments. I use the Expected Payments document to note all projects I’m working on and when I’m expecting to be paid. It’s easy to glance at my spreadsheet and know what I’m expecting for the month. Identifying outstanding payments doesn’t take additional research through emails and contracts. 

Blogger organization for expected payments

Once I’ve received the payment, in addition to noting it has been received on the Expected Payments document, I also add it to my Income spreadsheet. The Income document provides an easy reference to my monthly and annual income. 

Blogger organization for income

Getting compensated with money is great but sometimes payments come in the form of products and comps. Just because it’s not going directly to your banking account doesn’t mean you shouldn’t count it as part of your income. I easily differentiate with the Products and Comps Received document. 

Blogger organization for products and comps received

Occasionally I provide a service or sell a handmade item. These sales are considered income but don’t necessarily fit into the same category as paid campaigns for me. The Sales document is where I keep track of all services and products sold. 

Blogger organization for sales

Keeping track of your expenses is equally important. My Expense document houses notes on all blogging related expenses. The entries are all unique and cover a variety of expenses. They range from business cards to airfare when attending an out of state conference. I can easily calculate my expenses with a glance through these pages. 

Blogger organization for expenses

Feeling organized and knowing when to expect payments for work I’ve already completed is one less thing I have to think about when working in my home office.

Download your own set of free printables to keep your blog organized too! 

Blogger Organization – Free Printables to Track Income, Expenses, And Sales by Brie Brie Blooms

Do you have any tips to tracking your blog related finances?

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