Theme Park Fun – Glitter Tattoo instead of Face Painting

Each time we go to a kid friendly event or attraction my daughter seeks out the face painting booth. She is absolutely obsessed with the idea of needing her face painted the second we arrive anywhere with even the possibility of an artist on hand with sparkly paint and a brush. Her first few face paintings were fun. We enjoyed watching her excitement as she was handed the mirror after sitting patiently for 15 minutes. Her eyes lit up each time she saw the magical transformation the talented artist created. Now that she has had her face painted hundreds of times we are starting to reconsider the value of a $20 face painting. Last month while visiting Downtown Disney in California my daughter had her very first glitter tattoo instead of a face painting. 

Glitter tattoos instead of face painting

I have countless pictures of my daughter smiling with her pretty face painted. Holiday events, theme parks, the circus, birthday parties, and most every other fun place we have ever been has included a stop by the face painting booth.

Face painting

There are certainly special occasions where getting her sweet little face painted will still be a necessary part of our fun, but I’m going to find a booth with glitter tattoos before we ever make it that far. The beautiful face paintings have cost up to $20 so when I saw glitter tattoos in Downtown Disney for $14, I knew we needed to convince my daughter of their magic. When she saw the sparkly glitter and many different design options, she was very excited for her very first glitter tattoo.

The artist applied a sticky stencil to my daughter’s arm. She then used a small paintbrush to apply glue (I later read online hypoallergenic surgical skin is typically used for application). Once the glue dried, the artist applied the glitter and allowed it to set.

Glitter tattoo application

A few minutes later my daughter was sporting a new glitter tattoo that wouldn’t rub off onto the hotel sheets when she napped an hour later.

Completed glitter tattoo

The glitter tattoos are waterproof and should last up to two weeks. The tattoo can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol if necessary. My daughter’s first glitter tattoo lasted well over two weeks because she was very careful not to scrub her arm in the bath. 

Given the option this mommy will always pick the glitter tattoo over face painting! 

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