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Although she is not our only family pet, our cat Delilah seems to think we are just roommates sharing her house. Delilah is almost eight years old but we still think of her as a kitten because she was so tiny when we first brought her home. She is the baby in our house and is definitely spoiled by our family. When it comes to feeding our demanding princess we have to be careful because she has a finicky stomach. New foods and too many treats make her tummy ache and she makes sure we all know when she isn’t happy. The high quality ingredients in GOODLIFE™ dry cat food keep Delilah purring and feeling great.


Almost eight years ago I received a short email from a coworker suggesting I go rescue the kitten left in a box at our office deli downstairs. At the time we already had a cat in our home and I wasn’t sold on the idea of adding to our pet family. She had been left in a box with a sign reading she needed a home. It only took one quick look at the furry half pound kitten before I decided to bring her home that day. I kept her in the box under my desk for the day then headed to the vet on the way home. She was so tiny and the cutest most cuddly little thing ever. Discovering her in the deli made her name, Delilah, fit perfectly. She was too small for a litter box and used a frisbee when she first came to our home. We kept her in the bathroom the first month so our other cat, Hercules, could get used to having company before we introduced them to each other. My husband and I would sit in the bathroom and play with her for hours in between feeding her bottles and watching her sleep. Delilah quickly built confidence and turned into quite the demanding cat. Our cute bundle of fur has been the leader of our pack ever since. She is very playful but does everything on her own timeline. Getting her to pose for photos is nearly impossible and perfectly captures her carefree sassy attitude.


We’ve tried many different brands of dry cat food and have always found it challenging to find something Delilah prefers. I recently discovered the thoughtful cat food recipes from GOODLIFE™. The variety of recipes include fruits and veggies along with all natural ingredients. With Delilah’s sensitive stomach we made the switch recently and she has had no issues.


There are a few things I can count on to get Delilah’s attention. Her scratching post fish, soft cheetah print nap mat, and food always does the trick.


As expected she was happy to come over and see just what I was up to with her favorite items. Delilah is quick to walk away from food she is not interested in but I have not yet had that experience with GOODLIFE™ dry cat food. Keeping our sassy cat happy is a priority and the GOODLIFE™ thoughtful cat food recipes make it an easy task.


The #goodlifepet dry cat food for this #collectivebias post was purchased from  Walmart. With a variety of flavors and bag sizes up to 22 pounds, you’re sure to find just what your cat needs.


Learn more about the GOODLIFE™ brand and how the dry cat food compares to other brands. Be sure to print your $1 off cat food coupons before heading out for groceries.

Which recipe will be your cat’s new favorite meal?

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