Gray Root Coverage | Temporary Spray and Stick

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Gray Root Coverage | Temporary Spray and Stick

I don’t recall when I found my first gray hair but I do remember it not being a big deal because it was just one. Several years later, it was much more than one. And today, it’s a whole lot. I’ve always loved having dark hair but as I’m getting older, I’m creatively using lighter base shades and highlights to blend my gray. Unfortunately, I’m also recognizing that between each appointment for hair color, more gray is visible. For a very short amount of time I considered growing it out completely and commend all the women that do but when I learned about Gray Away, it felt more manageable. When I show friends how much gray I have, they are surprised because I never let that show. The next surprise comes when I share it’s because I use Temporary Root Concealer Spray and Root Touch-Up Quick Stick from ULTA Beauty.

Prior to using Gray Away products, I would color my hair much more frequently and consequently also see more damage. Then just a couple of weeks after my color appointment, I would start to see the gray again. This routine was exhausting. Now with Gray Away, I extend my color appointment to almost three months and feel confident knowing I don’t have to show my gray unless I want to.

Let’s get to the real part. I’m not making light of my graying situation. You will also never hear me say it’s a bad thing. I’m all for proudly standing up to say this is your natural hair and everyone is unique because they are different. For now though, I’m just not quite comfortable not coloring my hair to cover the gray. Because I prefer my base color to be a warm brown, you see the gray much more than if I had a lighter color. 

Gray Away is available in a Temporary Root Concealer Spray and Root Touch-Up Quick Stick. I use both often. The affordable, salon-quality root concealer is easy to use for quick coverage at home.

For me, the Temporary Root Concealer Spray is the fastest and easiest way to cover grays. I previously washed my hair daily but for the past few years, my hair gets washed about twice a week. I love the extra volume and extending the life of my Gray Away application.

In just a few minutes all visible gray is gone. I generally only spray my part and don’t worry about the rest.

Temporary Root Concealer Spray tip: hold a thin ribbon over your scalp in your part so it doesn’t get sprayed for a more natural look.

Alternatively, the Root Touch-Up Quick Stick is great for ultra-targeted root coverage at the hairline and for eyebrows. The dual-ended wand has a precision angled tip and sponge tip for effortless application and blending. 

When I wear my hair down, I pull my hair away from my faceline to use the Root Touch-Up Quick Stick.

While Gray Away isn’t required, it certainly helps me stretch the time between color appointments and helps me save on salon services. I always teach my daughters being themselves should make them feel most confident. I know that I feel great just the way I am…with a little Gray Away to cover my gray roots.

Is Temporary Root Concealer is part of your daily routine too?

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See how easy it is to use Gray Root Coverage sprays and sticks for temporary gray cover.



16 thoughts on “Gray Root Coverage | Temporary Spray and Stick”

  1. I had some grey now and glad to learn about this easy use grey sticks. It is going to be so convenient for me especially when I needed to attend a wedding dinner and have no time to go to the hair salon.

  2. It is pretty amazing the coverage that this spray gives to your hair. All the gray here seems to be gone! I don’t have gray hair yet, but it looks like this root coverage can be great for touch ups as well, when you don’t have time to dye your hair.

  3. By just reading your post I can tell I will love this product. I have lots of grey hair already and because of my tight schedule I don’t have time to color them. This is perfect for me since I travel a lot for meetings with client.

  4. It does look like a pretty great product. Part of me can hardly believe I still don’t have to do anything about the gray hairs. I am fortunate to not have it happen soon. And my dad didn’t get his early either. But so great it works well. Will have to remember this.


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