How to Archive Tape Cassettes on USB Drive | ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker

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How to Archive Tape Cassettes on USB Drive

My husband and I both have a box of old tape cassettes. I honestly can’t even tell you where they are located, maybe in the garage or a closet, maybe under a bed or even at our parents’ homes. They exist somewhere and I’m determined to track them down this holiday season because I just learned how to archive tape cassettes on a USB Drive. The Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker from Best Buy is on my holiday wish list because in addition to being a fun 80’s style throwback stereo boombox, it’s also how I plan to move all our cassettes over to an online playlist.

Imagine what I might find when I go through all the old cassettes I recorded from the radio in my teenage bedroom. It will be laughable while bringing back all my favorite childhood memories. I can’t wait to share the music with my oldest daughter and talk about the frustrations of lengthy DJ intro talking over a favorite song you were trying to record.

The Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker can make all your old music sound brand new. It can record directly off the radio and also has a microphone so you can record yourself playing DJ too. I’m sure my tapes have all kinds of forgotten treasures but they would have been much more amazing if I also had access to a microphone during those early teenage years.

The boombox has two robust full-range speakers powered by 14 watts of system power crank out powerful bass and clear highs. The portable party can easily move in your home for family fun in every room.

The boombox has a retro style but has all the modern features for Bluetooth enabled streaming.

Do you have a collection of tape cassettes that you’d like to transfer to a USB flash drive too?

10 thoughts on “How to Archive Tape Cassettes on USB Drive | ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker”

  1. I have some friends and family who have kept their old cassette tapes, and for good reason. Must be they knew they would make a comeback! This boombox, WITHOUT SEVERAL D BATTERIES is so cool!

  2. This is so cool. It brings back so many memories. I don’t have any of my cassettes from my teen years. I remember sitting with my finger on the record button waiting for my songs to come on the radio. Good times.

  3. i love how best buy keeps up with the times. i’m only 35 but this looks like a great machine. i will have to check it out at my next trip which is going to be friday as i have to pick up a few things.


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