Teach your child about vaccinations

teach-your-child-every-child-in-the-world-deserves-a-healthy-shot@life-disclosureWhen I noticed my daughter playing with her dolls and a doctor kit recently I wondered what she was doing. As I listened to her imaginative play, I overheard her telling the dolls they all needed their shots to go to kindergarten. My daughter is going to kindergarten in just a couple of weeks so back to school vaccinations have been a hot topic in our house. She knows about vaccinations and why she needs them to stay healthy but she doesn’t know about all the children without access to a healthy Shot@Life. I sat down to play with my daughter and her dolls to teach her every child in the world deserves a healthy shot at life with global vaccinations. We had fun drawing a globe with chalk and talking about the Walgreens Get a shot. Give a shot®  campaign and how we can help children in need.

Every-child-in-the-world-deserves-a-healthy-shot@lifeVaccines are a proven way to protect children from dangerous and deadly illnesses. They are also the most cost-effective way to improve the lives of children worldwide. Sadly not all children have access to life saving immunizations. Each year children in developing countries die from preventable diseases. My daughter’s innocent five year old mind wondered what we could do to help. 


We talked about all of her dolls like they were children around the world. I told her to pick just one to get a shot that would potentially save their life later. She couldn’t make the decision and said all her dolls should have vaccinations.


Together we drew a globe with chalk on our patio to represent the world.


We talked about how every child in the world deserves a healthy shot at life with access to vaccinations.


With so many children all over the world it doesn’t seem fair many will never get the easy and inexpensive immunization that could make such a difference in their lives.


My daughter was eager to learn about how we can all make a difference to make sure every child has access to vaccinations.


This year at the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic, when your child gets a back to school vaccination, Walgreens will donate a vaccination through the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign. They are giving children worldwide access to necessary vaccinations and helping each child have a healthy shot at life.

Making your appointment at the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is easy. In addition to back to school vaccinations, the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic makes it easy to stay well with your busy schedule. The clinics are open 7 days a week with morning, daytime, and evening appointments. Wait times are usually less than 20 minutes and appointments typically are done in under 20 minutes too. You can schedule your appointment and view the current wait times for your local clinic online. Walk-ins are also welcome if you are looking to get your back to school vaccinations done soon. If you need additional services or medical assistance, you will receive help finding a primary care physician or specialist.  You’ll also receive a follow up call 48 hours after your appointment.  If necessary the records for your visit will be shared with your primary care physician.


Most insurance plans are accepted and you can verify your coverage prior to your appointment.  If you don’t have insurance, the services are priced lower than traditional offices, urgent care facilities,and hospitals. 

The Walgreens Get a shot. Give a shot®  campaign is for school aged children 7 years and older. While my daughter is just entering kindergarten this year she is anxious to make sure we are all doing our part to give children access to healthcare. Are you helping children have access to a healthy Shot@Life this school year by participating in the Walgreens Get a shot. Give a shot®  campaign?

Learn more about the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic by connecting with Walgreens on Facebook and Twitter.

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