Save on last minute road trip essentials with paperless coupons


Family road trips are fun but take quite a bit of planning to make them successful. By the time we have everything packed to go, I usually need to stop at the store for last minute road trip essentials. Traveling in a car with your family can be easy when you have everything you need for a pleasant time on the road. Picking up last minute essentials for road trips can be costly when you’re in a hurry to start driving. I recently started using Walgreens paperless coupons to save on last minute road trip essentials. Using the app on my phone makes it possible to clip coupons as I’m shopping and quickly get started on our fun family road trip.


Last week our family took a road trip to California for a week long vacation. While there we went to Disneyland, whale watching in Dana Point, the Aquatica waterpark, and SeaWorld. We had a great time and I had fun taking a break.


We visit Southern California frequently and I always have plans to be fully prepared before each road trip. Like every other road trip, getting our last minute essentials together was something I did after we started driving. We made a quick stop at Walgreens to purchase all the essentials.

Last minute road trip essentials:

  • wipes for messes
  • water bottle to avoid too many stops for drinks
  • snacks to save when we stop for gas
  • an activity for my daughter to keep her busy during the drive

I found everything I needed at Walgreens.


Other items on my list of essentials include my daughter’s favorite blanket and stuffed animal for her to nap with in the car. She is in charge of getting the items she needs from home before starting our road trip. I can always count on her pink fuzzy blanket and favorite whale tagging along during family road trips.


I don’t make a specific list for our essentials when I make a last minute stop because the Walgreens coupons on the app change weekly. For this road trip, while in the store, I saved coupons for wipes and mixed nuts. Easily select the items from the app on your smart phone and then use your Balance Rewards card at check out. The coupons are automatically added to your card and then deleted after you check out. If you’re new to the Walgreens app, be sure to sync your Balance Rewards card with your online profile.


While I was making a quick stop at Walgreens for last minute road trip essentials I also visited the art supply aisle. With my Balance Rewards card I was able to save on a new activity book and twistable crayons for my daughter’s road trip activity.


After just a few minutes in Walgreens, we were on our way to California. The five hour road trip felt easy because we had all of our essentials in the car with us. 


Do you do anything special to make long road trips easy?

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  1. Great list! I find that keeping those lists and adding to them every year keeps me ready and prepared, especially for reoccuring trips. So jealous you are that close to all the CA fun. #client


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