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You will never hear me complain about my role as mommy.  I feel so fortunate to have a little person looking up to me every single day.  Although I love every part of being mommy, we know it’s always a constant juggling act.  You never get to turn off your little person that loves you so much and wants nothing more than your company and cuddles all day long. My days are long and I don’t spend enough hours of my night sleeping.  I need to remind myself that even mommies need a break sometimes.  This week my discovery of MommyJuice Wines has me excited about finding a babysitter and relaxing with a glass of wine. 

In Arizona, the daily temperatures start reaching 100 degrees early in the summer.  Most days I would much rather be cooling off in the pool than out running errands and taking care of my everyday responsibilities.  Instead of playing outside during the day, my daughter and I regularly arrange pool play dates inside with her dolls. 

MommyJuice Wines is just another reason for me to daydream about cooling off in the pool this summer.  

MommyJuice Pool Party Pink makes the perfect chilled drink for a relaxing summer evening. It is full of rich flavors including blueberries, blackberries, and dried cherries.  It’s the perfect wine to bring along to a girl’s night out or with dinner when your kiddos are spending time with the sitter.

If you plan to enjoy your wine poolside, consider using the MommyJuice To Go Cup.  It’s perfect to avoid a broken glass at the pool!

MommyJuice White Wine is also a tasty refreshing wine for the summer.  It tastes like kiwi and lime with a hint of grassiness.  

MommyJuice Wines was founded by a mom that was seeking a bit of peace after the chaos of everyday life as a parent.  MommyJuice wines are affordable, balanced, fruit-forward, and fun!

MommyJuice Red and White wines are available to purchase in California CVS stores and Northern California Target stores.  They will be available in Arizona CVS stores soon.  You can also purchase MommyJuice Wines online.  The Pool Party Pink wine is only available for purchase online.

You can connect with MommyJuice Wines on Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t miss their Pinterest Boards that are full of fun for every mom!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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