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Spending time on my college campus with my daughters was a wonderful experience. My eight year old daughter is just beginning to ask questions about life on campus so I couldn’t be more excited to share the university where I have so many fond memories. I graduated from Arizona State University over 10 years ago and until this weekend, my daughters hadn’t seen the beautiful campus in Tempe I called home. My Sun Devil pride is glowing and I loved every moment of ASU’s Night of the Open Door with my family. We logged in on the Sun Devil Rewards App to earn Pitchforks for attending so we can redeem points to earn more ASU gear. Our family received complimentary merchandise but all the university apparel we wore to the event can be earned with three easy steps: log in, go have fun, redeem rewards. Rewards can be redeemed with as little as 500 Pitchforks so it’s extra awesome I’m sharing a code to score 400 just by entering the secret word on the app. All lifestyle photos in this post were taken and edited by the incredibly talented Arizona State University photographer, Jarod Opperman.

Sun Devil Rewards Night of the Open Door family

How does Sun Devil Rewards work? The app links students, alumni and fans to each other and the ASU experience. You might have a soft place in your heart for Arizona State University, like me!, or you might just be looking for Arizona family fun – it’s a great way to learn about events and earn rewards for something you’re likely already doing. Pitchforks are awarded for easy activities and attending ASU events. You can immediately redeem your pitchforks for chances to win exclusive experiences or for your favorite Arizona State merchandise, like the shirts and hat we wore to the Night of the Open Door.

Sun Devil Rewards app login

Just for opening the Sun Devil Rewards app you start earning. Checking in at an ASU event is worth 25 Pitchforks. You can tweet, post photos and more for up to 25 Pitchforks while attending the event. When your friends sign up you get even more Pitchforks to redeem!

Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono

Activities and events include a wide range of interests. You’ll find sporting events, learning opportunities and many social outings. I had fun browsing the rewards because not only is there awesome ASU merchandise, you can also redeem your Pitchforks for memorabilia and chances to win exclusive fan encounters.

ASU Sun Devil Rewards app easy to use

With a deep love for Arizona State University, I couldn’t wait to be back on campus with my family. The Night of the Open Door was an excellent learning opportunity and event to share everything the university has to offer. My oldest daughter, the SeaWorld guest kid blogger, is very interested in animals and science so our first stop was the Life Sciences exhibits. Having had her own pet Madagascar cockroaches previously, she was excited to share what she already knew and learn so much more.

Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono

Baby sister wants to do everything her big sister does and was fascinated by the birds.

Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono

We moved on to additional animal encounters and reinforced the idea that girls can certainly be anything they want to be. Both my fearless girls held snakes while others looked on surprised. 

Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather RiccobonoPhoto Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono

Experiences like Night of the Open Door happen often. Learn about the events by logging into Sun Devil Rewards. Remember that you earn 50 Pitchforks when registering on the app and another 50 for linking your social accounts.

Now through 3/2 you can earn 400 points by using my secret word: LOVESPARKY! 

Sun Devil Rewards App login

With so many ways to earn and a long list of rewards beginning at only 500 Pitchforks for redemption, you can start redeeming immediately. 

Sun Devil Appr Pitchforks

I lived on campus my first year of college and couldn’t wait to show my oldest daughter exactly what that meant. We toured the Manzanita Residence Hall and she asked many questions about student life in the dorms. Baby sister asked for crayons and decided she didn’t want to leave the dorm room. We have 16 years before she gets comfortable in a dorm room!

Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather RiccobonoPhoto Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono

We spent the day exploring the campus, talking to faculty and students and simply enjoying our family time together. We even had dinner at the Memorial Union because our oldest daughter was so curious about the “school cafeteria”.

Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono Photo Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather RiccobonoPhoto Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather RiccobonoPhoto Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather RiccobonoPhoto Archive/2017/02-February/NOD-Heather Riccobono

How will you redeem your Sun Devil Rewards Pitchforks?    

Learn more about Sun Devil Rewards by connecting with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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63 thoughts on “Sun Devil Rewards: log in, go have fun, redeem rewards”

  1. Must have been really memorable to be back on campus and with your kids! Love how your college has this rewards program but also connects alum. Wouldnt it be amazing if your girls went here too?

  2. This is such a cool idea! I know for a fact my university doesn’t have anything like this, but what a great way to keep you and your family apart of the community! PS your daughter is very brave for holding all those snakes and bugs!

  3. How fun that you got to show your kids what your college experience was like! It’s always great to get kids comfortable in a college environment from an early age.

    • Eight is the most fun age to explore the campus for us. My daughter had such silly questions that I never knew she was wondering. “What time do you have to go to bed?” was a favorite!

    • I agree – it’s so great to show children what it means to go to college. My daughter definitely has more exciting questions now that she’s seen it in action.

  4. I can’t believe your daughter picked a cockroach for a pet! I am sure a snake would be next. Both girls seem to enjoy holding it.

    • She had pet Madagascar cockroaches at only five years old. Currently we have a dog, two cats and a hedgehog. Next up – a bearded dragon lizard. Although she’s been able to learn through these experiences, I have absolutely drawn a line with snakes. NO SNAKES in our house! But it’s so awesome they can still learn about them at events like this on campus.

  5. Wow! This sounds like an awesome rewards program! I can’t wait to take my son back to my alma mater! We are going to have so much fun!

  6. This sounds really awesome and useful! Cant beat that. I wonder what my kids would pick, a cockroach for a pet is hilarious!

    • She has always been very interested in animals. In preschool she spent her recess time digging in the garden looking for bugs and I was honestly concerned. She has grown into such a smart little girl with a true love for nature and helping animals. This event was a great way to learn about real work done by people with those same passions.

    • My daughters are brave girls! My oldest would love to have a pet snake but I absolutely will not allow that to happen. It is neat that there are great learning opportunities at ASU for her!

  7. Awe it’s so great that you guys are able to share something so personal and fun with your whole family! Looks like you captured some GREAT images as well!

    • Our family had an amazing time spending the day on my campus! I am so appreciative of the photographer with us for the day so we could have these great images!

  8. I like ve rewards programs and make sure to sign up when I can. This one sounds great with such fun rewards

  9. How fun that your school has such a good alumni program! That really makes all the difference with staying involved. Looks like y’all had such a great time visiting with the girls!


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