Five Easy Ways to Wear Green

Remembering elementary school and the necessary green to be worn on St. Patrick’s Day had me on a mission to find the easiest ways to wear green this year. My eight year old daughter had so much fun deciding what to wear to celebrate with the complimentary items we received from Oriental Trading. The inexpensive accessories with fast shipping are perfect for classroom parties, family events and dressing up. Five easy ways to wear green will make your St. Patrick’s Day morning fun and guarantee no pinches!

easy ways to wear green

Five easy ways to wear green


It can’t get any easier than a necklace. The St. Patrick’s Day Dog Tag Necklaces are sold by the dozen and come with four different festive tags:

  • “Lucky”
  • “Irish for the Day”
  • “I’m Wearing Green!”
  • “Happy St. Pat’s Day”

Wear Green St. Patrick's Day Dog TagOriental Trading Dog Tag Necklaces


The St. Patrick’s Day Glitter Shamrock Head Boppers are fun to wear all day!

Wear Green Shamrock HeadbandOriental Trading Shamrock Headbands


My favorite thing about the Glitter Shamrock Tattoo Stickers is they are actually stickers and do not require water to apply. Simply peel off the backing and place the tattoo sticker on your body. They are that easy to remove too.

Wear Green Glitter Shamrock Tattoo Stickersoriental trading shamrock tattoos


We had so much fun doing St. Patrick’s Day manicures at home with the easy shamrock nails. The Shamrock Nail Decals are easy to peel and stick for a quick and festive manicure.

easy st patricks day nails shamrock nail decalsshamrock nail decals


Although my daughter would love to actually dye her hair green for St. Patrick’s Day, the Green Neon Pageboy Wig is a much better option.

Wear Green Neon Pageboy WigOriental Trading Green Wig

How will you wear your green for St. Patrick’s Day?

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5 easy ways to wear green

26 thoughts on “Five Easy Ways to Wear Green”

  1. I am sure that my kids will go green for St. patty’s day this year. I think they will just go with green shirts probably, though 🙂

  2. It’s so fun to dress in a certain color especially if there’s an occasion. These are all lovely suggestions. I love adding nail art to my nails to add more character!

  3. I love the green wig! You have so many small details for the green day! I’ve never done anything for St Patrick’s day, but you make me want to!

  4. Oriental Trading is my go-to place for any holiday or celebration. The selection and prices can’t be beat! Looks like you are all ready for St Patrick’s Day!

  5. I love the cute tatoos. My daughter would really like these and it seems like they might be the easiest!


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