Stroller Essentials, a guide to purchasing the perfect stroller

Since my first daughter was born over six years ago, many products have changed. Safety standards have improved and brands like Urbini are finding ways to make it easier for parents to satisfy their entire wish lists when purchasing baby products. From our first child to just last summer we went through several different strollers. Each had their own pros and cons but none satisfied all our needs, hence the reason why we made multiple purchases over the years. With news of expecting our second daughter, we started researching new products to make better decisions than we did last time. Finding a travel system including a car seat and stroller meeting our long list of necessary stroller essentials was challenging until we were given the Urbini Emi full-size luxury travel system. Don’t make the same mistakes we did and go through multiple strollers in just a few short years. Purchasing the perfect stroller doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you know the necessary stroller essentials. 


When selecting a new stroller there are many different considerations to make. Take a shortcut and follow this easy guide to purchasing the perfect stroller.

Stroller Essentials 

1. Travel system

You shouldn’t have to purchase a car seat and stroller individually when you can buy a complete travel system. Travel systems typically include a base for the car, infant car seat and stroller. The Urbini Emi stroller includes the lightweight Urbini Sonti 4 lb-35 lb infant car seat with base. You will be lifting and carrying your infant in the car seat carrier to and from the car and quite often with a newborn; a lightweight carrier makes a big difference. 


2. Removable fabric cover and washable cup holders

Expect spit up and spills from your infant making a washable cover on the car seat and stroller necessary. You’ll also need to remember some of the compartments on the stroller will be used exclusively by you. Think running through the airport, iced coffee in the cup holder, not realizing that coffee dripped everywhere. True story and not being able to remove the cup holder was one of the many reasons I was not happy with a previous stroller. The Urbini Emi has a fully removable cup holder for easy washing. 

3.  Window for viewing baby while canopy is closed

A closed canopy is a great feature but not if you can’t see your baby while you push the stroller. A viewing window makes it easy to keep an eye on baby while you stroll.


4. Storage 

Under carriage storage is essential for daily use of your stroller. You might be walking to the park and need a light blanket or visiting Disneyland with a long list of baby items to bring along. The zipper pouch on the Urbini Emi is large enough to hold personal items you would prefer stay out of clear view like keys, a camera, etc.


5. Easy to use brakes 

A few of our last strollers had brakes on the rear wheels that were nearly impossible to push with your foot. While bending over to apply the brake with your hands isn’t horrible, it certainly makes it feel easy when you can apply light pressure with your foot instead. 


6. Canopy

A canopy with several different positions is something we never had with our older daughter’s stroller. It was either up or down with nothing in between. The Urbini Emi has several different canopy position options making it easy to shade your baby. 


7. Easy to fold

A quick and easy folding stroller is absolutely essential to your parenting sanity. In a hurry you do not want to be struggling with a stroller not folding. With a simple pull strap (and easy instructions right on the stroller!) it literally takes seconds to collapse the stroller for storage or travel.


8. Lightweight

A lightweight stroller makes it easy to steer. 

9. Compact 

Road trips with a stroller that barely fits in the trunk is an inconvenience. The Urbini Emi folds to just 36″ with a height just over a foot, the smallest full size luxury travel system stroller I’ve seen. 


10. Comfortable 

Your new stroller should be comfortable for the entire family to use and most importantly, comfortable for your baby. Family walks to our neighborhood lake have been a great way for us to maintain some normalcy in our household while adjusting to baby sister’s arrival


The Urbini Emi full-size luxury travel system has all the stroller essentials. We just wish we had this stroller six years ago when our first daughter was a baby!

What stroller essentials do you wish you had as a new parent?

You can purchase the Urbini Emi full-size luxury travel system at Walmart and learn more by connecting with Urbini on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Urbini Emi full-size luxury travel system in exchange for this review. All opinions and ideas are my own.

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