Stock up on RITZ Crackers for Family Snacks

This post was sponsored by RITZ as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Stock up on RITZ Crackers for Family Snacks

We’ve been back in school for a month already and are getting comfortable with the transition of all day preschool and daycare for little sister and a much more demanding fourth grade curriculum for our oldest daughter. RITZ Crackers have always been a pantry staple in our home but with a busy schedule juggling school routines, sports practices, work and so much more I need to make sure we have easy snack options that are also suitable for the lunchbox. RITZ Crackers are that snack and lunch item our family loves but can’t quite agree on a variety. With so many different options, I’m taking advantage of the cash back Ibotta offers at Walmart to stock up on RITZ Crackers for family snacks.

Having a variety of RITZ Crackers at home makes it easy to have snack options for your family.

Currently you can save $0.75 on RITZ Original Classic Crackers including all the varieties my family enjoys: Whole Wheat, Honey Wheat, Reduced Fat, Hint of Salt, Bacon Flavored, Roasted Vegetables, Garlic Butter and Everything Crackers. You can also save $0.75 on RITZ Fresh Stacks in Original or Whole Wheat.

Get cash back on your RITZ Crackers at Walmart purchase with Ibotta.

With a very busy schedule, my youngest daughter looks forward to grocery shopping with me because it’s her opportunity to pick out all her favorite snacks. She prefers going shopping without her older sister so she doesn’t have to share the responsibility of picking out the best snacks. Last week she selected several boxes of RITZ Crackers all by herself while we were shopping at Walmart.

Save on RITZ Crackers at Walmart with the Ibotta offer.

We brought home RITZ Original Classic Stackers, RITZ Whole Wheat Classic Crackers and RITZ Original Fresh Stacks Crackers. With variety at home we all picked our favorites to stack with deli meats, veggies and spreads for a tasty afternoon snack. Which RITZ Crackers does your family love most?

Stock up on RITZ Crackers to give your family a variety of snack options.

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RITZ Crackers at Walmart Sweepstakes

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Stock up on RITZ Crackers for family snacks at Walmart and save with the Ibotta app.

5 thoughts on “Stock up on RITZ Crackers for Family Snacks”

  1. I love the taste of Ritz crackers. They’re a long-time fave for me. Generally speaking, they make everything taste better. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a box in my pantry.

  2. I didn’t know they made a whole-wheat variety of Ritz crackers. That’s awesome that they are trying to be healthier! I love how buttery these crackers taste and how you can top them with so many different things.

  3. We love Ritz at home! My grandma always has them out for our coffee time. They’re just great to eat with a slice of cheese or surprisingly, some dulce de leche. Thanks for the offer – every bit of cashback savings helps. 🙂

  4. Ritz crackers are such a yummy snack! I love making peanut butter and jelly crackers with it. I use Ibotta all the time to save some extra money It definitely helps!


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