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Show Your Roots | Gray Away

I like my hair, a lot. You know this about me because I talk about it often. I personally feel my hair defines me and I’ve spent the last five years adding the length I cut off in a celebrated super mom move that proved to be a defining moment for me as a mother. My parenting story about kindness is a beautiful history on how I ended up cutting my hair to help my daughter navigate some sad feelings after she donated her long hair. While triumphant, I also almost instantly longed for my long hair back. It’s important for me to never show that to my daughter so in the meantime, I’ve found solace in knowing my hair can still be my most favorite characteristic despite not having the length I had for most of my adult life. Enter the pandemic and seeing my longtime hair stylist for color appointments consistently is no longer an option. The panic sets in until I remember that by using Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray and Root Touch-Up Quick Stick from Walmart, my fab hair and favorite personal asset is still everything I want it to be.

This time at home has felt like a lot. What started out to be the big scary unknown of state lockdowns  turned into prolonged stress and the obvious lacking coping skills for the many changes to come. I’m truly grateful for so much during this time but certainly feel the weight of working from home with my children here, school from home, the loss of all extracurriculars and the disappointing reality that our normal is not returning but rather evolving to a place none of us have found to be comfortable. Our daily routines have changed and while I’m watching some thrive with newfound exercise schedules, I simply have not found a sweet spot that works for our family. I’ve lost my enthusiasm to cook and prepare meals. The fun crafts and puzzles and board games just don’t feel exciting anymore. The one thing I’m leaning on to make myself feel good every day is getting dressed and ready just as I would in the pre-pandemic weekly routine.

The affordable root concealer product is easy to use at home and gives you that salon-quality look we’re all longing for. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough in hair care that gives you the fastest and easiest way to touch up and cover gray roots.

I’ve talked to you before about my love for Gray Away and I’m back to share how it’s making life at home feel a little nicer.

The Root Touch-Up Quick Stick provides ultra-targeted gray root coverage at the hairline and eyebrows, and is dual-ended with an angled tip for precise application and a sponge tip for effortless blending.

Even without your favorite stylist available, I promise it will be okay. You might even learn you can stretch those salon appointments much further than you ever knew was possible. Of course, that’s assuming at some point, after 9,721 days at home, our normalcy will return.

What is the most “normal” thing you’ve been missing lately?

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11 thoughts on “Show Your Roots | Gray Away”

  1. It’s nice to see a product out there like this. I don’t need it yet, but I’m sure when I do, I’ll be looking for this. It looks like it did a good job.

  2. I used to dread when my roots would start to show. I always got it in the temple area. I would have loved to have had Gray Away to use. The most “normal” thing I miss would being able to take time to browse in a bookstore.

  3. This is such a great idea! I hate going to the salon and spending all that money when all I need is a bit of gray coverage up top.

  4. I have a few friends who swear by this product! I wonder how it would work for in-between colors on my not natural blonde hair!


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