Seussical The Musical in Chandler {supporting my cousin and local student performers}

My cousin, Joshua Ryan, is a ridiculously talented guitarist. He loves performing and never passes by an opportunity to entertain a crowd. Most nights you can find him at a local coffee shop playing to a small crowd or in his studio writing songs. His YouTube channel shows off his charisma and charm. He once was mistaken as a prince while walking around in Disneyland. His blue eyes and big smile are unforgettable and if you’ve ever heard him play the guitar, you’ll be sure to ask where you can see him play again. 

Joshua Ryan, Arizona performer

Photography by Heather of Brie Brie Blooms (me), 2013

This week Josh is performing in Seussical the Musical at  the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Performing Arts. My daughter and I will be watching the show next week to celebrate Dr. Suess’ birthday and can’t wait to see my cousin perform!

Seussical at Chandler Gilbert Community College

Tickets are $10-$12 and can be purchased online or at the box office. Performances are at 7:30 nightly now through Tuesday, March 4. The show is at the Arnette Scott Ward Performing Arts Center in Chandler, Arizona. Make plans to come out and support my cousin and other students in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday!

In addition to attending the musical, we are planning to eat Dr. Seuss waffles for breakfast to start the birthday celebration.

Brie Brie Blooms, Dr. Seuss Waffles (3)

Then we’ll make green eggs and ham sugar cookies to celebrate after lunch too!

Brie Brie Blooms, Quick Green Eggs and Ham Sugar Cookies

My Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat book page banner and DIY art will be hanging in my preschool classroom all week for more fun.

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat book page banner and DIY art

How will you be celebrating Dr. Seuss this week?

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